What Is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance is a type of insurance designed to pay a tax free lump sum at the moment you are diagnosed with an illness considered as critical illness. Most insurance companies that offer critical illness insurance cover seven major diseases: cancer, stroke, kidney transplant, heart disease, paralysis, multiple sclerosis and artery bypass. Here are some factors that will help you while taking out a critical illness cover.

Critical illness insurance has gained a lot of popularity during the recent years. The reason behind is that most people found it effective. The effectiveness of critical illness insurance has brought competition over the insurance market. Most critical illness insurance companies have lowered their premium payment values. As a matter of fact, you should grab this opportunity to find the companies that offer the cheapest prices. Remember that not all the cheap deals are good.

Most people choose an insurance policy by the help of an agent. Sometimes the agent may tell you broadly about the premium payment values. It is only after inspecting your health history that the critical illness insurer will tell you an exact amount of premium payment. The premiums may rise or even fall depending on your health conditions. Therefore it is important that you disclose everything about your medical history to your critical illness insurers.

Moreover, if you fail to disclose facts about your medical history to your critical illness insurers, your claim could be rejected. Critical illness insurance regards this factor very closely. At the moment you make a claim, your insurers will make a research about your medical past. If they find something that you have not revealed to them, your claim could be turned down.

It is important that you read your critical illness insurance contract policy carefully before you sign. Some policies have a lot of exclusions. Here are some types of exclusions that appear on almost any critical illness insurance policy: aviation, drug abuse, self caused injury and HIV/AIDS among others. If you read the documentation attentively, you could be saved from getting into trouble with your critical illness insurance in the future.

You could either request a quote online or do so by visiting one critical illness insurance company after the other. You should be prepared to compare quotes so as to unlock the best deal. Keep in mind that most critical illness insurance companies offer options for you to choose how much cover you need or how much time you need the cover for. Most of the time critical illness insurance companies allow you to choose if you want a joint policy. A joint critical illness policy would pay you if either person insured happens to fall critically ill. Furthermore, you could decide if you want to include your critical illness cover with your life insurance.

The advantages of a critical illness payment are considerable. First of all the cash is tax free. Thus you could pay starting from your medical charges to completing your mortgage installments. Not to forget that you could also be freed from the many debts that you may have during days that you mostly need care.