What is Cosmetic Surgery?

As the baby boomer generation grows older, anti-aging becomes a major issue. Cosmetic surgery is one way to fight the effects of time. So, what is cosmetic surgery?

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

On a purely technical level, cosmetic surgery is a medical procedure undertaken to modify an element of one’s body. While cosmetic surgery is generally considered an elective surgery [a voluntary choice], there is a niche of the profession that is not. This area is known as reconstructive surgery and is used to address physical deformities such as cleft chins or breast reconstruction following mastectomies.

What is cosmetic surgery? For most, it is a personal decision to deal with a particular body area that bothers them. Areas can include the modification of the nose, addition to or reduction of breasts, removal of unwanted fatty deposits and so on. Regardless of the specific procedure, the surgery is designed to address a particular area of the body that emotionally cripples a person. While other people may accept you as you are, the question is whether you can do so as well? If not, cosmetic surgery often offers a solution.

Cosmetic surgery is considered a specialty in the medical profession. While one might think this means that only cosmetic specialist can perform surgeries, the sad truth is it does not. More than a few surgeons from outside the field, particularly ear, nose and throat surgeons, also offer cosmetic surgery services. When looking for a cosmetic surgeon, you are strongly encouraged to only use board certified cosmetic surgeons to avoid mishaps.

As mentioned previously, cosmetic surgery is primarily an elective surgery. An elective surgery is one that is not medically necessary, to wit, your health is not at risk if you do not have the surgery. This distinction is important for one reason. Your health insurance will not cover any elective cosmetic surgery. Yep, you have to pay for it yourself. When contemplating the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery, it is important that you give some thought as to how you will pay for it.

What is cosmetic surgery? At the end of the day, it is an elective surgery undertaken by people to address some part of their body that bothers them every time they look in the mirror.