What is Cappuccino

Cappuccino Is Another Italian Creation

Italians love their coffee. Not satisfied to drink it just any old way, they also love to experiment with recipes, as well.

The world owes them for the introduction of espresso, that thick rich coffee creation that’s one-of-a-kind. And, if that weren’t enough, they’re also responsible for the creation of cappuccino. A lighter version, packed with its own punch, cappuccino has the kind of coffee flavor that lends itself to all kinds of creations, including iced drinks, desserts and more. Plus, many a coffee drinker thinks it’s just fine all on its own.

But what is cappuccino? This specialty recipe is created using the Italian’s other famous coffee creation – espresso. The thick coffee made under high pressure is the base for this creation. Without a good starter of espresso, cappuccino just isn’t cappuccino. To create the perfect cup, the recipe for cappuccino calls for a three-part mixture in equal proportions. The parts are espresso, steamed milk and frothed milk. The espresso itself must be rich and think for the end result, cappuccino to have its bold undertones.

There are, of course, variations on the recipe for different creations. An iced cappuccino involves the addition of ice before the frothed milk and a dry version of cappuccino contains less milk in the mix.

Since the Italians really love their coffee strong, cappuccino is considered more of a breakfast drink there. It’s not normally drunk beyond the first meal of the day, but of course with the flavor it exudes exceptions to the rule must always exist. This lighter version is enjoyed around the clock in countries such as America where the typical cup of coffee is a lot less rich than the Italians’ espresso.

The cappuccino craze is one that’s swept the world. With coffee specialty shops and upscale restaurants serving this as standard fare along with espresso, the drink has become a mainstay on the worldwide coffee market, offering an alternative to a plain cup of grinds that’s considered spectacular by fans.

Cappuccino itself has also become the flavor of choice for a number of other treats including cheesecake, milkshakes, candies and more. Smooth, creamy and much less bitter than its cousin the espresso, cappuccino is another fine example of the flair Italians have with coffee.

Coffee may trace its roots to the tropics, but the Italians have made some serious strides in perfecting its flavors. When it comes to gourmet versions of different brews, this country’s coffee lovers are tops at experimentation.

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