What is a Hand Trolley

There are dozens of different kinds of hand trolleys; the options are endless for finding the right one for your project.

Hand trolleys are a tool used for transporting some type of goods from point A to point B. Often hand trolleys are small and come in varying designs but they are manufactured for large industrial size jobs as well. You may hear others speak of a hand trolley but refer to it as a; hand truck or dolly.

Hand trolleys are widely used by numerous different industries; any one that needs to move products from one spot to another would utilize hand trolleys, putting them in high demand.

When used properly, trolleys can protect people from back injuries and other health problems that can result from lifting heavy loads. It can also prevent slips, trips and falls that can occur when trying to manually transport goods. The trolley can increase work production, speed of work completion and ultimately save your company money and time.

Hand trolleys are equipped with 2-5 wheels, a platform of sorts, with a frame and handle attached for controlled movement. The platform varies greatly based on the customers need. When the trolley is empty, its platform rests on the ground and the trolley stands upright and appears to resemble the letter L. In order to safely use the trolley, the goods are placed on the platform and strapped in place with a bungee or other strapping device. Once loaded, the trolley can be tilted back to balance on the entire unit on its two wheels and moved from there. Most often you will find that hand trolleys are made of steel, aluminum or Polystyrene.

Below is a list of a few different hand trolleys that are available with some brief details:

1. Wheeled trolleys made from stainless steel are the most common type of trolley used. These are used in places with heavy loads to move, like retail stores, warehouses and factories, and typically have wheels made out of stainless steel as well.

2. Metal wheel trolleys are typically much more lightweight and are often used to carry lighter materials. Those with a frame and wheels made of a metal alloy are heavier and sturdily made. Trolleys of this type usually have a wider platform for oversized loads. You might see these trolleys in large industrial buildings, large warehouses, storage facilities, and moving companies.

3. Metal alloy trolleys are typically used to transport heavy products, such as items made of steel.

4. Folding trolley is another type of trolley, and is often made of rust-proof aluminum. It is also lightweight but is usually able to carry heavy loads, and can fold to take up less space. When not in use, this feature allows it to be easily transported to places where it is needed.

5. Flatbed Trolley consists of five casters with a flat platform atop with a handle on one side of the platform. The trolleys handle usually folds down flat to up against the platform

Now that you know everything there is to know about hand trolleys you can confidently make a purchase, load and use, and teach others how to use a hand trolley.

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