What if there was a way to make money sitting in traffic jams?

How’s this for a free idea for you….

(Just read this through, because you’re about to see exactly how to make money with your car…this is all free info that you can take and use right away!)

Recently I was talking to a gentlemen about advertising, and finding ‘other ways’ to generate leads for our own small businesses. One technique that we both overlooked, is putting basic signage on your car (with a twist).

After thinking about the upsides and the downsides of advertising on our cars… we worked out that permanent signage can be a major problem down the track. EG Potentially going out of business, once it’s on your car it costs alot of money if you want to change it around etc. So if you’re going to go down the path of doing a ‘full car body advertising wrap’, make sure you have a damn good design team to get it right the first time!

One idea lead to another, and to cut a long story short, the ‘least risky’ way to advertise on your car is using magnets! It only works out to be about $60 for two high quality magnets, and that includes the design and delivery! (PS. We don’t make magnets, i’m just sharing our research with you). The best part is, you can remove them in about 3 seconds when you don’t want to use them, and it’s a nice cheap way to generate leads.

Here’s the part that you will really like…

We got fairly excited when we thought about all of this. You know how most people have to drive to work each day? Well based on that, we came up with an idea that anyone with a car could make money from….

If you don’t own a business yourself, why not rent your car door as advertising space to other businesses? Imagine how many sets of eyes would see the message each day???

EG. If your gas bill is $20 per week, simply ‘rent out’ your car door as advertising space using car door magnets for $20p/week, and your costs will be covered…simple!

You could also turn this concept into a home based business VERY easily.

Now that you know that you could make money renting out you car doors, why not put one magnet on each door with a different business on it, AND put one on the back of you car also! The car magnet that you put on the back would actually be the most valuable advertising space…it would certainly get read alot more then the others…no doubt about it. Generally you would need a long and narrow one to fit…but they are so cheap to buy! You can even go online and design it within a few minutes.

Don’t overlook this article, there’s money to be had right now if you drive a car.