What Helps Can You Get From a Credit Counseling Service?

Credit counseling services help people who are in debt to learn up the money management and reduce their debt in an effective manner. However, credit counseling is not a solution the fit every debtor. For people who are in heavy debt, credit counseling may not help to make enough progress to work your way out of debt. Who are the best candidates for credit counseling and what helps can you get from a credit counseling service if you approach them for help on your debt problem?

Although credit counseling is a common debt solution for debtors, it might not be a good option for every debtor. You need to understand the limitation of helps that can provide to people in debt and how these helps can really help you if you go for this approach. Credit counseling service will be a good option for you if your debt problem involves these situations:

1. You can’t make the minimum payments on your credit cards.
2. Always late in paying one or more bills.
3. Receiving harassing phone calls and home visits by collection agencies and your creditors.
4. You try to work out a payment plan with your creditors but unfortunately the creditors have rejected it.

When you approach a credit counseling service, the credit counseling agency will first assign a counselor to help you to examine your finances which include all your debts and incomes. You need to provide them the detail information about all your incomes, monthly expenses and debt repayment of each debt. From the information you provided, they will give you ideas on how to cut your unnecessary expenses so that you can allocate more money toward your debt. Besides that, they will also teach you how to better manage your money so that you won’t create more debt into your existing debt amount.

Depending on your debt situation, if you need a debt restructuring plan, the credit counselor will contact your creditors and try to negotiate with them a new repayment plan that meet your financial affordability. After going through a few negotiation processes, the creditors might agree to accept smaller monthly payment, waive or lower your debt interest, which is something better than nothing if you were to go into bankruptcy. Once you have agreed with the terms and conditions resulted from the negotiation which is agreed by your creditors, you need to follow the payment plan. You just need to make one payment to the credit counseling agency and they will help you to distribute the payment to your creditors.

After putting all your debt repayment in plan, you will also need to attend the debt and money management courses conducted by credit counseling agency. The key purpose of these courses is to teach you how to manage your money so that you won’t fall back to the same debt issue as you currently experiencing. Many debtors may be tempting to skip these courses because they are no longer being hounded by their creditors, but you should stick to it. You definitely do not want to trap into such a harassing debt issue anymore, and you can only enjoy total debt freedom if you know how to manage your income and expense. This financial education will teach the knowledge to stay out of debt, use of credit wisely and create a future financial plan that inline with your financial capability.


If you are the right candidate to get help from a credit counseling service, you can benefit from the service that helps you to learn how to manage your money and work your way out of debt.