What Hairstyle to get for Prom

Ask most women years later what they wore to their high school prom, and it’s likely they’ll remember it down to the hairstyle and corsage. A magical night that marks an end of youth and the beginning of adult responsibility, the prom is much more than a dance.

Inasmuch, for those young ladies preparing for the big night, the dress will be the most important decision to make. But after that, it’s the hair that will make the statement. Making sure the look is just right down to the last strand is terribly important.

The prom is a once-in-a-lifetime event and if you’re getting yourself ready to go, the best advice is to not leave the hairstyle for the last minutes. The options are limited only by imagination, but having an idea in place is not only smart, it will save you from a few extra butterflies joining the ones already in your stomach as you prepare for the big night.

When choosing a hairstyle for the prom, it’s important to first have the dress picked out and its accessories. The earrings, necklace and even the cut of the dress will combine to help determine what hairstyle is the best bet. Choose a style that not only flatters the ensemble, but also your face. If you’re unsure, experiment with a few different dos while dressed in full regalia or ask a stylist for some assistance.

If you intend to go to a stylist for the actual setting, be certain to either wear the gown or bring it and the accessories along with you. This will help the hairstyle pro get some great ideas for helping you shine on your big night.

In general, the old up do is always a good choice, but some gowns lend themselves more to flowing tresses. Other times, dazzling earrings and a sparkling necklace along with a swooped V-neck make that up do the only way to go. Combination up/down dos are also pretty spectacular and when they’re executed correctly, they’re simply fantastic.

Remember when choosing the style, go with one that will make not only your dress stand out, but also you. It’s your night to shine, so everything should be perfect from the shoes all the way up to the hair. If you plan a bit in advance, getting ready on the big night should be a snap. Having a hairstyle in mind won’t make all the butterflies go away, but it might keep a few at bay!

Source: https://positivearticles.com