What Glass to Choose for Your Conservatory

As a lot of your new conservatory is going to be made of glass, it is important to choose the correct sort of glazing to fit in with your requirements. However, it can be hard to know which sort of glazing to choose. So, what are your options and what do they do?

Solar Control Glazing
One of the biggest dictators of the glass you use is based on the level of sun your home receives in a certain area (eg. The garden). A south west facing conservatory will receive more sun than north facing. Solar control glazing can help resolve any issues with receiving either too much, or too little sunshine. This glazing, though expensive, keeps rooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter and is something of a worthwhile investment if you wish to spend much time in your conservatory and creates the ultimate climate controlled environment in which to live.

Insulating Glazing
This glass is considered thermal efficient and is measured in U-values; the lower the U-values the higher the level of insulation. This means that to keep an orangery or conservatory warm in winter a low U-value in glazing is best. This heat retaining glass can be essential for those who wish to use their conservatory or orangery all year round. Argon gas is added between the panels to insulate the glass and increase the ability for heat retention.

Self-Cleaning Glazing
Nobody wants to be out with a bowl full of vinegar and the Sunday papers for the last month trying to clean their conservatory. The large area of a conservatory means there is a lot of cleaning of glass required. Self-cleaning glass is essentially glass that the rain cleans. This reduces the amount of cleaning required by up to 80% as the rain washes away most of the dirt and grime. This allows you to sit and enjoy your conservatory and means you won’t just be focusing on having to clean the windows.

Security and Safety
One of the biggest concerns many of us have with conservatories is security. That’s why conservatory and orangery glass is almost unbreakable and if you require, it is even possible to get bullet proof glass.

Locking systems are also something of a must and that’s why our conservatories offer the latest locks as well as features to prevent burglars cutting through door hinges. These locks and our glass combine to create a safe and secure conservatory that is considerably hard to break into and offers you the security you require for your home.

Your selection of glasses and glazing should ensure a comfortable, safe and clean conservatory.