What gives Government Jobs a one up over Private Sector Jobs?

Government jobs would include working in government run institutions such as banks, schools, insurance companies, the energy sector, federal or state run manufacturing units and many more. One can be completely satisfied while working in government companies with the work culture, pay structure and job profile.

Government job opening are made available in newspapers, job sites and can also be filled up by an internal referral system.

Below mentioned are few advantages while doing jobs in government.

1. Job Security: The biggest advantage of working in the public sector is the job security. Most employees are secure from threats of layoffs and job cuts that are a constant fear in the private sector. Job positions in government sectors remains more or less intact. One can work without fear of losing a job in such organizations.

2. Pay Structure: This is a very important and crucial factor for any individual looking to secure a position. Salaries paid in government organizations are at par with other competitive sectors. Along with the fixed income there are incentives and bonuses attached to it which makes working with a public company more attractive. One can be rest assured of a good payout while working with the government.

3. Working Hours: Next factor that an individual would consider for a job would be number of working hours he or she might have to invest. With government careers there are standard working hours, unlike that in the public sector. There are also attractive overtime benefits with such openings.

4. Promotions: While planning a career in the public sector, promotional benefits are a very important criterion worth considering. Performance evaluation is playing a vital role in appraisals and promotions within the public sector. With effective systems in place, transparency and non-bias decisions hardworking individuals are bound to find success here.

5. Perks and Benefits: There are ample of benefits and perks attached to working with the government. Pension plans, gratuity, retirement benefits are mandatory benefits that an employee is entitled to. Along with these benefits, housing loan, childcare, medical and other settlements can also be taken care of. If one wishes to continue with the same job, such benefits can be very helpful at the time of retirement or in case of an emergency.

6. Stress at work: Public sector jobs are less stressful compared to jobs in other sectors. This is true except for departments where an employee handles critical information or classified.

7. Transfers and relocation: Employees who are open to moving can make the most of the transfer programs offered by most public sector establishments. You can be relocated to different departments, cities and even institutions depending on the path your career takes.

8. Reputation: Public sector jobs come with a certain prestige and reputation. This is especially in case you are working with the security department and the public services.

With an opportunity in the government sector, comes huge responsibility of accomplishing the task assigned. One needs to be completely dedicated and qualified to be able to land a progressive job with the federal or state government.