What Gifts to Buy for People with Allergies

Allergies is a condition which affect thousands of people in the world. One of them could be your friend or loved one. Imagine how sad it is when you took time to carefully choose the perfect gift for your loved ones, only to learn soon after that your gift just trigger a bad case of allergy for him/ her. The last thing you want is to spoil someone’s joy just because you did not take his/her allergy into consideration when buying gifts. Here are some tips and ideas for buying gift for someone who are prone to allergies. Your loved ones will appreciate the extra thought that goes into buying a gift for them.

(1)Toys for children

Stuffed toys are the favorites among children but they can be dangerous to the allergy prone. When buying toys for children with allergies, you have to be extra careful. These are some of the things you should bear in mind:

Avoid stuffed animals with real fur as fur is more prone to dust and mold. A safer choice is to choose stuffed animals with polyester filling that is easy to wash and dry. Avoid latex toys. Latex allergy is becoming more common recently and may even fatal in more severe cases.
Wooden and metal toys are a safer choice. Wooden toys are recommended for children with allergies as they do not collect dust or mold, thus are not a suitable breeding ground for dust mite . Some toys are certified as asthma friendly. Get these toys instead.

(2) Products for cleaner indoor air

A good quality vacuum cleaner that contains a true HEPA filter. A true HEPA filter captures over 99.9% of dust mites, pollens and ragweed. Controlling the humidity level in the home is important to anyone with respiratory sensitivities as well as skin disorder such as eczema. A good way to know what the current level is is through a hygrometer. Even those with allergies can enjoy the soft romantic glow of candles with Solar powered rechargeable candles that are soot free.

For someone with a green thumb, a plant ‘watering’ meter would come in handy to help reduce the chance of over watering plants that often leads to mould growth. A carbon monoxide detector placed near fireplaces, space heaters and garages, is a great gift and could save lives.

(3) If you are buying jewelry for someone with allergies, you have to be aware if the jewelry will trigger a reaction. Nickel is known to cause a reaction for those with eczema and psoriasis. Look for nickel free jewelry to be on the safe side.

(4) Conventional skin care products often contains chemicals which are too harsh for sensitive skin and might cause an allergy reactions. A totally natural skin care set made from only the purest organic ingredients is a great gift for someone who is prone to skin allergies.

(5)For those who have dairy allergies, a soy, rice or almond milk maker is a great gift. Soy, rice or almond milk have the same goodness as dairy and with the milk maker, one can enjoy the fresh non dairy milk as well as use it for baking and cooking. Soyquick soy milk maker is recommended as it can be used to make, not only soy milk, but rice, almond, and oat milk.

(6) Juicing is a great way to detoxify the body, and many believe large intake of fresh organic juice helps to relieve allergy symptoms. What can you get fresher juice than juice you make yourself? A powerful, easy to clean and handy juicer might be just what your loved one needs.

(7) Allergy free linens, covers or bedding

Down feather bedding is recommended for people with allergies as it is actually less allergenic than synthetic ones. Choose those which offers anti-microbial shield to protect against bacteria, mold, dust mites, pollen and mildew. The range of comforters and bedding from Allergy Shield is Allergist Recommended & Medically Evaluated, thus can be safely used. It can prevent symptoms of asthma, nasal allergy, sinusitis and eczema.

Dust mite protective covers for pillows, mattresses and box springs are also an excellent gift for those who are allergic to dust mites. Many individuals with asthma also have other conditions such as eczema, a skin condition that is made worse when in contact with some fabrics, such as wool. Cotton clothing and bedding is always a good choice for people with eczema.


Allergies and AsthmaBooks are great for books lovers. There are many great books on coping life with allergies. One of which should be in every home is Jeffrey C. May’s My House Is Killing Me!: The Home Guide for Families with Allergies and Asthma.

Allergies are very common nowadays. Eventhough a person is allergy prone, it does not mean he or she deserves the right to celebrate any occasion like any normal person. It only take a little extra thought and considerations to avoid potential problems. I hope these allergy free gift buying tips have given you some valuable ideas of buying the perfect gift for your loved ones.