What Exactly is The Secret, Part 2

In my earlier article I stated that the secret all boils down to just one word, communications. By communicating in the right way everything we desire can be achieved. The author, in her book, has told us the secret in a completely unbiased and with no religious toting, how we can achieve the secret, how to attract good things in our lives. She tells us that the universe will bring to us whatever is on our mind. If we are constantly thinking about debt then debt is brought onto us even more. By thinking good thoughts good things will follow.

There have been many books over the years like “Think and Grow Rich” or “The science of Getting Rich” which all tell us how important it is to focus on good things but the author of The Secret gives many useful tips and exercises that we can each perform to help us on our Journey. The one that I found very useful was to say to myself “I feel Good” because when you are saying this it would be almost impossible for negative thought to come into play.

Another thing that we learn in the book is about creating a vision board for ourselves. A vision board is a place for us to post pictures of things we would like in our lives like houses, cars, and lifestyles. It is a board for goals that are depicted with pictures..

Have you ever noticed that good and bad things happen in our lives more than just one thing at a time? Usually when something bad happens others will follow. This is because the first bad thing has put us into a negative mindset. The same applies for good things. When the first good thing happens we are then in a good mood and others will follow. Even in the bible there are many references to performing good deeds and how we will be rewarded for these things.

The Law of Attraction is the basic principle of the book “The Secret”. Some people will always have doubts because they will only believe in the things they can see but what about things like electricity, gravity, and air. We can’t see them but we know they are there. In The Secret we are told to trust the spirit of the universe which we cannot see but yet a lot of people claim to be Atheists or Agnostics because they are not able to see this spirit but do these same people refuse to turn on a light because we really can’t see electricity? Do these people run to where a brick may be falling because they think that because they can’t see gravity it can’t hurt them?

Religion is just an idea, the same goes for the thought of God. My mom says that religion is why a lot of wars are fought but you never hear of a war because of God. But on the other hand we can’t see gravity, air, or electricity but no wars are because of these things yet even though we can’t see them does anybody doubt the existence of these elements?

Regardless whether any of this stuff is true or not if you concentrate on good things the Law of attraction will bring more good things into our lives. We may never really know until after we are dead but why not just start doing good and thinking good things because if we continue down the other path in life, the one of bad things, then we may find out in the end that we were wrong. Do onto others as ye would have them dine unto yourself.