What Does Your Body Do When You Tell A Lie?

Ever thought about what does your body do when you tell a lie? If not, then you should pay closer attention to it since it can be valid indicators of lying.

Body language effectively communicates what your lips are trying to cover up. Some people are very good detectors of physical manifestations shown by those who are lying, especially those who are not very comfortable with the fact that they had to lie.

Exactly, what does your body do when you tell a lie? This article shows some nonverbal indicators considered as red alert signs for potential liars. Here’s a few telling indicators:

1) Limited physical movement to the point of becoming stiff, thus causing the liar to take up minimal space.

2) They tend to make unnecessary gestures such as touching the face, hair, mouth, or some other body parts, which is uncharacteristic of them.

3) You will notice that they cannot produce an open hand.

4) If the person is standing up, you will notice their uneasiness. Also, they cannot stand straight up and always transferring their body’s weight from one side to another.

5) Expressions made during a conversation are limited to the mouth instead of the entire face.

Interactions and Responses

When a person is required to speak or respond, then this is your opportunity to assess any behaviors previously exhibited by the person in question.

For example, when they are asked about a given scenario, they tend to become defensive instead of explaining things offensively. And when they are speaking, they might tend to look away from you.

Meanwhile, a few others will subconsciously place objects in between you and the liar such that they create some sort of barrier between the two of you.

When using these indicators though, you need to be extra careful. You have to make sure that these aren’t a person’s innate mannerism, so you can avoid misinterpreting the signs on what does your body do when you tell a lie, and you wonÂ’t arrive at an immature judgment of the situation.