What Does This Inexplicable Tutor Want?

Many students around the world face in their opinion with insurmountable challenges- to design and successfully complete their writing assignments. Whatever task you face whatever type of paper you are assigned with and whatever program you are enrolled at, one should always remember that your imagination, creativity and original, unique vision are indispensable elements of well-written term paper.

Let us take for example a psychology term paper. So many students around the nation do not know how to start writing this kind of paper. One can examine this process. First, you should make acquaintance with some famous psychologists in order to understand how their ideas have shaped modern psychology.

Second, investigate the problem from psychological point of view. Try to explain why people, behave this way and not another, what ideas, thoughts and events guided them. Third, try to find out how other psychologist interpreted similar acts or behavior of individuals. But be very cautious in citing and certainly do not try to put out ideas of other persons as your own. Remember that if you violate this well-known rule, you commit plagiarism – a very serious crime.

You might use similar methods in the writing of philosophical papers. However, remember that in this type of paper- the most important point is to show your ability to criticize and analyze, rather than paraphrase or write some platitudes. The tutor would like to teach you how to analyze critically, argumentatively and impartially. One should always produce enough evidence for each contention made in an essay. Remember that your essay will be much weaker if you just provide your reader with the list of simple and vague assertions, without backing them up. Another vital element of this type of an essay is your clear statement of your point of view on the subject researched. The reader should understand where you stand.

Certainly there are just two types of the term papers that you may be asked to complete. There are different methods and ways that should be applied to research other subjects. Despite many differences all term papers and custom essays have a lot of common features as well. Before you start designing any paper (whether it is a one page essay or one hundred pages dissertation) you should follow several well-known, yet at the same time frequently forgotten steps: 1) Critically evaluate the subject, 2).One should gather relevant material on the topic, 3) Outline and make preliminary draft of your paper, 4) Design ad complete a preliminary draft 5) Edit the draft.

Yes, certainly it is a time and energy consuming process, but do not forget that it will pay off later on. The most important point is to learn how to organize, analyze, express your opinion in writing and produce well-argumentative research.