What Does the Consumer Want?

No matter who is your consumer? Anyway he is the highest authority for you, whose opinion is a law for you. One of the best definitions of “a consumer” belongs to Mahatma Gandi, many leading companies owe their primacy to these simple postulates: Consumer is the main person in your office. He does not depend on you. All of us depend on him. He is no hindrance for our work. He is the target of our work. He is a part of our work. We don’t do him a favor serving him. He does us a favor giving us such an opportunity. The trite phrase “Client is always right” – this is the credo of any marketing – oriented company aimed at success. It can’t be otherwise. As a company with long –term goals of development you should know what your customer wants. Without it you will hardly manage to build a good service for your clients. So, what are the clients’ present expectations?

They want to feel secure and relaxed. In everything. A student purchasing a custom law essay from online writing service, wants to be sure that he will get a good mark, the housewife expects the house appliances serve even to her grandchildren. And if something goes wrong your company should have a fast way of eliminating this problem. Customers are very grateful to those who help them in their routine problems (both new and old) they can’t cope with on their own. A customer often has no desire to go deep into the details of some device. He needs someone competent to explain him how it works and what it is for. Many companies are expanding and flourishing because they appear to be convenient for their clients. For example on- line custom term paper writing services assist students in their busy academic career by building an efficient customer support service and providing them with quality writing. They make the students’ life easier. Customers want personal attention and contact with the company representatives.

They want quality. It is natural. Besides, they wish to have an opportunity to have a personal control and estimate the level of this quality. Customers wish to have a chance of returning items they are not satisfied with. It means that if a person finds some fault with the product he has a right to demand a refund and you are to give him money back. Clients expect to have a direct access to the company with no intermediaries involved. Consumer wants you to bring them joy and pleasure. They expect to meet easy – going people in your company.

That is why they can’t stand long and complicated instructions what they have to do when something goes wrong. They anticipate your customer support service is ready to come and fix everything all right. Customer wants to live in the atmosphere of predictability regarding your company. That is why McDonalds is so popular: you just know what you will be offered when you come here. The following are the steps of your company image formation and retaining of the customers: Do everything properly from the first time. You should satisfy your client with his first purchase of your product. Regard your customer expenses as long term and efficient investment not as additional and burdensome losses.

You should aim at expanding the circle of your clients, search for improvement (in the product, service) to attract new clients or m turn them into regular. You should aspire to surpass the client’s expectations. You should build up reliable and close contact with your customers. Never argue with a client, look for alternative solution beneficial for both. You main priority should be finding your regular client who trusts your company and prefers your brand to all the rest.