What does Stress Relief and Cheese have in Common?

If you’re one of the many who suffer from stress and anxiety then you probably don’t have time for me to string out the answer to this question. However, one important aspect of stress relief is to find the time – even just a few minutes – to relax and take time out. So sit back, get a good cup of non-caffeinated coffee, and relax for a few moments. Or you could just skip to the end of the article and look for the answer there. All I will say for now is that the answer to stress relief is not to eat more cheese.

Stress and anxiety appear to be natural by-products of the industrialized, modern world. In fact, stress is much older than that and is actually very beneficial, used as a spur to help us survive. Without stress or anxiety, our cavemen ancestors would’ve died by the tusk of a Wooly Mammoth, too laid back to sense the danger and get out of the way. However those same ancestors, and all of those who followed, also knew about stress management, even if they didn’t know the term. After all, even the lowliest medieval peasant, tied to a life of back-bending toil, still got 12 days off at Christmas (that’s where the famous song gets its name). Most of us only get a measly three or four. Plus, those same peasants got holidays at Easter too, and there wasn’t much tilling of the land to be done during winter. Simply put, while our ancestors may have worked harder, today we work more. This is why anxiety related disorders are increasing in today’s world, all the stress of work is still there, but now there is no time to relieve it.

However stress relief and management do exist today, and without the need to give it all up and live the life of a serf. If what we do is important in managing stress, then what we eat is just as important – and this is where we can effectively fight stress and anxiety.

Natural Stress Relief

Welcome back to those of you so busy that you needed to skip down to this part of the article. You missed a treat, but if you’re stressed, you’re probably busy too so I understand. So, can natural remedies bring about stress relief? There are a whole lot of foods that are touted as good stress reduction means. However, one supplement that finds particular mention as effective for stress relief is tyrosine.

Tyrosine is an amino acid essential for individuals with certain diseases or nutritional concerns. It is used by the body to make important neurotransmitters and for mood regulation. It is an essential amino acid, meaning the body creates it itself – without the need to get tyrosine from the diet.

Having said that, deficiencies do often occur, and supplements of tyrosine have been found to lift flagging spirits, help depression, and better manage stress and anxiety. Very often, tyrosine might have to be taken with other natural vitamins in order to better help absorption and stress management. It has been found to bring calm to people who take tyrosine, along with mental and emotional balance. Not only is it good for stress relief, tyrosine also increases energy by restoring the levels of endorphins in the brain.

Oh, by the way, the name for tyrosine comes from the Greek tyros, meaning “cheese”, as the amino acid was first discovered in dairy products. So there is the answer to the question. And tyrosine supplements are the answer to effective stress relief.