What Does It Mean — Saturn Return

You’ve heard about Saturn Return. What is it exactly? It’s a time to prepare for, that’s for sure. Saturn returns every 29.5 years, so this will happen to you between the ages of 28 and 30, again at 58-60, and again at 88-90.

It’s not often we get to see a third Saturn Return, but Picasso lived to have one. It is at this time that he invented neo-expressionism.

Got an idea now of what can happen?

Lt. Col. Thomas E. Lawrence, a British soldier, was sent to investigate the Arab nationalist movement at his first Saturn Return. You probably know him best as Lawrence of Arabia.

Saturn teaches us the big lessons – what we can live with and what we cannot live with, what works for us and what doesn’t, in a sense what we are meant to do with and in our lives.

Many people make big changes at their Saturn Returns, so big their names and titles change. At their Saturn Returns, Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Queen of France became the Queen of England. Karol Wojtyla became Pope John Paul II. Lafitt Pincay stopped being a Panamanian jocket and became a U.S. jockey. Winston Churchill became a liberal. Phillipe Jaroussky stopped being a violinist and became a counter-tenor. At his first Saturn Return, Luciano Pavarotti became an international opera star. At his second, he stopped being Adua’s husband.

It’s about living out your Dharma, your higher self.

Saturn Return is the time the chickens come home to roost so to speak, in a good way or a bad way. Saturn Returns challenge us to get past old limitations, rules, responsibilities, unfulfilling behaviors, and particularly unconscious living through fear. It’s your chance at your free will. It doesn’t HAPPEN to you, it more like you work it, or it works you. As Jung said, when you aren’t conscious about things, it can seem like “fate.”

Saturn Return is a hard time for individuals who have lived out of fear and immaturity, been irresponsible or are not mindful. If that’s the case, it can be so sorrowful and hard, the person does not live through it.

Getting a Saturn Reading in advance can help you round this corner, just as readings all along the way can help you see better what’s going on. A Spiritual Path or Higher Calling Reading can help you clarify what your purpose is – what you are here to do. The more you are in alignment on these two fronts – knowing your purpose, and then living it purposefully, the better your life is going to feel to you.

Here are a couple more example of Saturn Returns.

At his second Saturn Return, Richard Nixon, a Quaker, had achieved the withdrawal of the U. S. troops from Vietnam.
At her first Saturn Return, Marie Antoinette’s fate was sealed with the French people. The Diamond Necklace Affair occurred at this time. Most historians agreed it set the stage for her eventual beheading and that she was barely implicated, if at all. Marie Antoinette never did learn how to manage her own PR, to project herself correctly to the public, and she never reached her second Saturn Return. (If you saw the recent movie, it was played as if she were in a dream …)

A man with a steady course in life, living his purpose, Karol Wojtyla became Pope John Paul II at the time of his second Saturn Return.

Peter the Great’s mission was to modernize Russia. To do this, he needed to get the church under his control. At his first Saturn Return he gained control of the church and its property and made the church a department of the state, subordinate to his will. Peter the Great did not live for his second Saturn Return.

Michael Vick is lurching toward an extremely difficult first Saturn Return. Who knows where he will be two years from now.

Got a Saturn Return coming up? Learn more about it, get a reading, prepare, find out what your chart says about your Spiritual Path. It’s another chance!