What Do You Want and What are You Waiting for?

So often in a consultation, I ask “What do you want?” Sometimes I qualify the question, for example, “What do you want to feel?” Or, “What do you really want?” Or, “What do you want to happen now?” Or, “What do you want to experience in this situation?”

To the answers of such questions, I often consider a follow-up question, “So, what are you waiting for?” But instead, I read the energy of the person¬ís heart¬ís desires and I listen for the moment to be encouraging about making a change in the direction of the person’s heart’s desires.

In my view, our culture fosters the tendency to live in the future. (Living in the past is a preoccupation with many, but that is another article.) So often people feel that certain events must happen or certain conditions must be in place before they can have or feel or experience what they want. Such beliefs keep them living in the future, waiting for something to come to them.

What about you? Do you understand that you must resonate with what you desire so that you can connect with what you desire? That is, you must think about and talk about what you desire, not what you do not desire.

Here are a few classic and common Waiting for the Future comments: “As soon as I finish college, I will …” “If only I were married, I could …” “When my divorce is finalized, I will …” “As soon as I get a new job, I can …” “If only I could win the lottery, I would …”

Most of these sentences are completed with ideas about being happy or doing what the person is longing to do. When the person articulates the idea that he or she truly wants, I say, “Be it now.” Or, “Feel it now.” Or, “Do it now.”

Do you believe that you have to wait to be happy? Or that you have to earn your happiness? Or that certain events or conditions must occur before you can feel free? Much of society glorifies struggle. I have a different perspective: I say that all you need to do is decide to be happy. Now. Regardless of any circumstances.

You must resonate with what you desire to experience or to become. St. Augustine expressed this concept as: “What we are looking for is what we are looking with.” Mahatma Gandhi expressed it this way “We must be the change that we seek in the world.” I interpret these to mean that you already possess what you seek and that you must resonate with and talk about your desires. If you resonate with the absence of your desires, you create more absence.

If you want happiness, you must be happy now. You must feel your cells smile and see happiness everywhere. If you are looking for a primary relationship, you must be at peace with the Primary relationship with Self. If you want a new job that you believe will be fulfilling, you must experience fulfillment in your present job, if only in a small way.

If you perceive that an event or condition outside yourself is a prerequisite for your happiness, you disempower yourself. If you believe that “luck” will or has come your way, you disempower yourself. If you believe that inner wisdom is dependent on the outside, you disempower yourself.

The future never comes. It is a direction, not a destination. What comes is a constant present, an unfolding of the now. You must live now the way you want to be. You must see and embrace what you are becoming. You must embody and resonate with what we want.

So, what are you waiting for? Be it, feel it, experience it, do it now!