What Do You Love About Your Work?

First, I must admit…I am a bit biased about this topic – I love what I do on a daily basis! I love to help organizational teams get to know each other better and improve their effectiveness in working together through team building sessions. I also love to lead workshops and seminars, where I help people learn to set goals that are connected to their deepest values. I love to coach executives in organizations so that they can improve their leadership skills and create the teams they most desire. I also love to coach individuals at all levels of their careers so that they can have the life they desire along with their desired level of fulfillment in their jobs. The thing I love the most is that I get to truly make a difference in organizations and in peoples’ lives with the work I do — for me, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

So, those are a few examples of what it’s like to love different aspects of your work! Let’s take a look at some specific areas that can help you determine more about what you love in your work.

Questions to ask yourself:

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest level where you absolutely love your work, where do you rate your current level of satisfaction with the work you do? Notice what number comes to mind immediately and write it down.

2. If you didn’t rate your current fulfillment at a 10, what would a 10 look like for you? What would you be doing on a daily basis? What would it feel like to get up each day and really love your work?

3. What do you love about your work? Get specific – list all of the things that you absolutely love about the work you do on a daily basis, even if these things seem small or even silly.

4. Why do you love the things you love about your work? What is it about your list above that bring you joy? List all of the reasons why these things give you pleasure about your work.

5. What do you not love about your work? Now, you might not have anything in this section but if you do, get specific – list the specific aspects of your work that you really do not love. Be honest with yourself – this may be the first time that you are really allowing yourself to admit that you do not love certain aspects of your work. If that is the case, go easy on yourself and know that a little further in this process you’ll have an opportunity to change these things.

6. Why do you not love these things about your work? What is it about your list above that does not bring you joy? List all of the reasons why you do not love these aspects of your work.

7. What could you do to turn those things you don’t love into things you DO love about your work? This is the time to get creative, have fun and start taking action so that you can have the level of joy and fulfillment that would be a “10” for you! Just because there are a couple of things you don’t currently love about your work doesn’t mean you can’t change those things. It is possible to love your work! Get specific for each one. For example, if one thing you don’t love is that you feel like you’re not making as much of a contribution or impact on others with your work as you would like, then ask yourself what you could do to start making more of a contribution. In this example, you might decide that you will ask your colleagues or your boss or your clients how you can make more of a difference in their lives with the work that you’re doing. Be specific – tell them that you would like to have a greater impact so that you can enjoy your work more, and ask them to help you brainstorm some ideas that you can explore regarding how you could do that in your job or business. This is the time to explore the different ways in which you could really love your work, so that you can have work that you love.

8. What will you commit to? Of the possible actions you looked at above, what WILL you commit to doing in order to have work that you love? By when (note: it’s critical to have a specific deadline for each commitment to ensure your success)?

9. What support and accountability do you need to ensure that you stay committed to these intentions so that you can truly enjoy your work? You will have a 95% chance of achieving your goals if you commit to another person and schedule regular, ongoing accountability/check-in discussions. If you don’t have someone you can do this with who is truly committed to your ongoing success, contact us about how coaching can support you – that’s what we do in coaching, is support you and hold you accountable to your most meaningful goals on a regular basis, so that you WILL achieve them!

CELEBRATE completing this process! Do something fun, or find a way to acknowledge the time and energy you just put into ensuring that you have a more fulfilling life through work that you love.