What Do You Expect? Wisdom Steps to Unleash Your Desires

I have written before that desire is a powerful force. Desire comes from your higher self. It is inspired, a heart and soul issue. Desire is so powerful that it is its own source of manifestation.

As such every desire ignites the Divine orchestration of energy and circumstances for its fulfillment.

But – and this is a very large yet simple but – through previously unconscious forces we can easily sabotage the realization of our desires by being at odds with them. This is where exploring the question “What do I expect?” becomes important.

You can only realize your desires when your expectations are that you will. You can desire to be successful in your work or in love, yet not be. Or you can desire robust health yet live with your health impaired.

This is because on a subconscious level you expect something different than what you desire. You expect that you will be unsuccessful in work or in love, or that your health will always be compromised in one way or another.

In this respect it is easy to see that when your expectations are at odds with your desires, your desires lie in a holding pattern, unable to be realized. And when your expectations are aligned with your desires your desires are rocketed into manifestation.

Once I was just leaving for a business retreat with a mentor that I had wanted to work with for some time. The circumstances seemed perfect and I felt ready.

The week before I was to leave someone asked me, “What are your expectations for this retreat?” I started to roll out what I wanted to hear myself say but stopped when I realized that something was amiss.

I relaxed and let the question settle to get to the truth of the matter. When I did this I realized that my expectations were that I would not get what I wanted at the retreat and would leave feeling frustrated. This was very different than my desire.

Had I continued without this exploration I would have spent a considerable amount of money that ended up being a loss rather than an investment.

This was a major eye opener for me. I saw a pattern in myself that had been keeping me in a holding pattern where some of my desires around my business were concerned.

With this discovery I was immediately able to align my expectations with my true desire for the retreat. I flew out to the retreat with positive expectations and returned having my new expectations met, the ones which were in alignment with my desires. I even enjoyed some wonderfully unexpected outcomes.

The wisdom steps in the interplay of desire and expectation are these:

1. Stay current with all of your desires.
2. Check into your expectations around each desire.
3. If your expectations match your desires, perfect. If not, work with them until they do.
4. Act on the opportunities that are sure to show up.
5. Enjoy the unfolding and fulfillment of your desires!

The universe loves speed. Put this wisdom into action now. Identify a desire you have. Write it down. Then follow the wisdom steps above.

Make the alignment of your expectations with your desires a regular practice. You will find yourself living the life that you truly desire.

Step into Your Greatness! Make sure your
expectations support your desires.