What do I do if I dont have a perfect History?

Background checks can be a pain if you have anything in you past that may be a little grey. Now a days, most companies use them to make sure that they are not hiring anyone that can be a detriment to their corporation. Companies, such as TYSY, AFLAC and government jobs will all be sure to check to ensure that you are the right person for the job.

If there is anything in your past, do not wait for the company to find out on its own. Make sure that you are honest and sincere. If the company does discover information about you that you have not divulged, not only will it look bad on your part, there is almost a hundred percent chance that you will not land the job that you are looking for.

Depending on how old your offense was, you can contact a lawyer and possibly get your record expunged, this involves the court pardoning you for your offense and wiping your record clean. You offense will still be in the FBI database but will not be present in the local and state databases that background checks are pulled from. If you’re still trying to get a government position then they may pull from the FBI database, just make sure that you are honest and cooperative when asked to explain. The longer time has past since the initial offense the better. Companies, law school and medical schools, want to see reformed behavior. Having this can result in great opportunities.

The key is to try. Yes, it may be a little harder to get the perfect job, and you may have to sacrifice a little in the beginning, but a slow, steady approach towards work and life will reap great benefits in the working world. If you do not land the job that you want, take a small step down, create a great resume, and apply for the job while you are still employed at your current position. This tactic is something that most people do not follow. Trying to get a position of great value while unemployed while greatly reduce anyone’s chances of landing the perfect career, remember a slow and steady approach always win out and honest IS the best policy when dealing with a jaded past that you have broken away from.

Background checks are nothing to be afraid of as long as you explain and past offenses and remain honest with any employer about your intentions. And when you are hired, they may put you on a longer evaluation period, but this is ok. With a good work history things will pan out wonderful.