What Diaper Rash is and How You Can Treat It

If your baby has diaper rash, you’ll know it once you open baby’s diaper and see redness on baby’s bottom. Bad diaper rash may also produce pimples or blisters. This redness appears on the child�s bottom, genitals and in the creases of the leg.

Why Does My Baby Have Diaper Rash?: All babies will usually get diaper rash at one point or another. When diaper rash occurs, it isn’t because of parental neglect. Diaper rash is normal and will occur throughout your baby’s diaper years. The following are a list of common causes of diaper rash:

-sensitivity to urine

-sensitivity to certain brands of diapers or wipes

-sensitivity to detergent used to wash cloth diapers

-soiled diaper left on too long

-diapers that are too small

-bacterial infection

Treatment: In treating diaper rash, you must keep the area cool and dry. You can do so by immediately changing soiled diapers. Once you have wiped the rash area clean, allow it to dry before putting on any ointment. Other ways to treat diaper rash include:

-pat the area when you change the diaper and make sure you get it clean

-use a diaper rash cream to protect the skin

-soak your baby’s bottom in warm soapy water

Preventing Diaper Rash: In an effort to prevent your baby from getting diaper rash often, you can:

-change soiled diapers frequently

-allow the skin to dry completely before putting on another diaper

-buy a different brand of diapers

-use diaper rash cream regularly

-do not put the diapers on too tight

-change laundry detergent used to wash cloth diapers

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