What Causes Snoring, is it your Lifestyle?

What if a few changes in your life could make you stop snoring!

For some people snoring is the result of extravagant lifestyles, very often these people overindulge some area of their life and in return the indulgences are what cause snoring and may disturb your partner. If this is your case you may need to re-evaluate your lifestyle and make the necessary changes if you truly want to sleep peacefully.

A Few Examples of What Snoring

There are many causes of snoring, some are related to your lifestyle others to your physical condition. Here are just a few examples of what causes snoring:

– Eating too much and not exercising enough
– Drinking too much alcohol
– Sleeping pills
– Smoking excessively
– Sleeping in improper positions

On the other hand your physical condition could be the cause of your snoring. Causes like allergies and nasal stuffiness, some people even have a deformity in their nose, in this case only a doctor can diagnose and treat you.

Are you eating too much?

Did you know that having to much fat near your throat could be responsible for your snoring problem? If you are the type of person who is eating too much or if you are not exercising enough then your muscle tone could be too weak to keep the airways open causing snoring. Some people have a small neck and are overweight, for these this situation is bound to occur. In some cases even a few extra pounds could be the cause of their snoring.

Drinking to much alcohol?

Alcohol is often responsible for snoring. Having too much alcohol in your body will slow down how quickly the brain can respond. In other words, your muscles will relax making you snore at night. As you probably already know alcohol is also a depressant, so when there is too much relaxation, the oropharynx will collapse causing even more snoring. On top of that alcohol can irritate your nasal airways causing congestion; this alone can be the cause of snoring as it creates a resistance to the airways when one breathes.

Do you have a good sleeping position?

Maybe you have already heard that a bad sleeping position like sleeping on your back could be the reason for your snoring problem. Here are the facts: If you are sleeping in an incorrect position like your back for example, this could cause your tongue, chin and excess fat tissue beneath the chin to relax and thus squeeze your airways causing you to snore. That is why sleeping on your side is often advised for people with snoring problem.

Nasal Problems

This is a very common problem that causes snoring. This condition prevents a person to breathe through the nose and instead have to breathe through an open mouth. If you are suffering from this condition there are nasal sprays that you can use to help you getting rid of your problem. These nasal sprays can be used over a long period of time without any side effects. Another common method to overcome your snoring problem would be to inhale steam to help you reduce your nasal congestion.