What Causes Over-Development of Breasts?

Women with over developed breasts feel uncomfortable and shy. A beautiful and well-shaped bust line can add attraction to your personality but when they are over-shaped, they can spoil your overall look. In this article, we will talk about the common causes of over-developed breasts.

There are no muscles in the breasts themselves. They consist mainly of mammary glands and fat. The breasts are held in position by the skin and by the fibrous tissues which connect the bosom to the pectoral muscles. The main causes of over development of bust are:

1. Over-development in puberty: Female hormones cause breasts to grow rapidly during puberty. Sometimes the breasts may grow to a pathologically abnormal large size.

2. Pregnancy over-development: During pregnancy, for three to four months the breasts become enlarged and after the delivery, with the skin stretching, the breasts sag even though they may regain their former size.

3. Over-development due to obesity: Usually women suffering from obesity have over-developed breasts.

The gland-fat relationship is altered during menopause and fat largely replaces the glands leading to a change in size and shape of breasts after maternity. Largeness of breasts depends on the size of the patient.

However, breasts do change the shape as a result of breastfeeding. The nipples of the breasts also enlarge and darken during pregnancy. They never lose their pigment subsequently because milk is secreted and stored in the breasts. They may enlarge further during lactation. Care should be taken to preserve the shape of breasts. Use of well-fitting bras support the breasts and help in retaining their shape. With proper care, a lot can be done to restore their lost shape. A better understanding and a harmonious relationship can do a lot for a woman to remain as attractive and acceptable to a man after breastfeeding the baby, as without it.

The women with enlarged breasts feel the following symptoms:

1. The weight of the breasts puts a strain upon the cervical and thoracic spine producing neck pain and backache.
2. The brassiere may seem a painful embodiment during the menstrual period.
3. Sagging of the breasts also creates problems between the lower part of the breasts and the chest wall.
4. Fitting of clothes needs extensive alterations.
5. It destroys the glamour of the body.
6. Due to heavy breast weight there is always a pressure of the bra on the neck or nerve plexus.
7. Breast over-enlargement prevents movements and hard work.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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