What Causes Disease?

This is a question that many doctors and medical researcher are searching for in their science laboratories and research centers. Every field thinks that they have discovered the cause of disease. And, indeed cause of a disease has many steps and its important not to explain the cause of disease at an intermediate step.

I want to tell you a secret that not many people in the medical industry and alternative medicine community know or don’t talk about. And this is about the real cause of disease. And if you ever want to really do something about your health, this is where you have to go to stop disease.

What I am about to tell you will only be believed by a few people. For those of you who believe and take action will, you will literally extend your life beyond belief.

We are all taught to believe that by taking some drug, herb, vitamin, mineral, or special combination of natural products that this will cure our disease. Yes, I teach that many products can help to relieve specific symptoms and that they help to balance your body systems. And, of course, you need to take vitamins and minerals to supplement your diet to make sure your body has a surplus of the building blocks needed to keep you healthy.

Doctors tell you that if you have a disease of any kind they have a drug that you should take if you want to eliminate that disease. Any time you use a drug or natural product to eliminate a symptom or a condition you are not curing your disease. You can see this in the many people who use these products and later die of that same disease or of some other disease caused by the drug. What you are doing is suppressing the cause of the symptom, which will later cause another symptom in another area of your body. The result is you are constantly fighting and trying to eliminate different unhealthy condition in and on your body.

The cause of most diseases is changes in the cellular instructions that tell the cell what it needs to do to survive in the conditions that surround it.

Cellular instructions are part of the genetic code that you get during your development in the womb and during your childhood. As you begin to develop and grow, you must adapt to the conditions and environment around you. To do this, your cells get new instructions on what you need to do to survive in this environment, whether it is in the womb or during your childhood.

If you had a traumatic period in the womb, during birth, or during childhood, these experiences are imprinted into your cell structure distorting and changing your cellular instructions. These new instructions cause cellular malfunction, which lead to the start of a disease.

The imprinted experience is a source of energy that constantly maintains the distorted cellular instructions, which causes disease and also distorts your behavior and personality. Because a disease is caused by the traumatic energy imprinted into your cells, you will always have this disease no matter how many drugs or natural remedies you use.

Drugs and natural remedies create a force that opposes the un-natural energies created by your cells and has the effect of temporarily reducing the symptoms or disease you are dealing with.

So, the only way that you can really cure yourself of disease is by eliminating the distorted, un-natural cellular instructions. This is no easy job and cells will resist because they know that the imprinted traumatic energy was put there as a matter of survival.

The Psychotherapy Industry has had tremendous growth because of the promise it holds to you that it can change who you are and at the same time improve your health. It is only through some Psychotherapy that you can change the strength of the energy that is imprinted in your cells. Once the strength of the imprinted traumatic energy is reduce, you can expect to see changes in diseases that you have, provided that they have not damaged your body a point of disrepair.