What Can You Learn From Champion Juicer Reviews on the Net?

There are a lot of Champion juicer reviews floating around on the internet and most of them rate the Champion juicer fairly well.

Perhaps the most commonly noted aspect you’ll find is the fact that Champion juicer allows for continuous juicing because the pulp is ejected out of a chute into a collection bag as you’re juicing. Other reviews rave about the juicer’s stainless steel body that’s available in a variety of colors.

Reviews that comment on the stainless steel body of the machine note that it’s much easier to clean and resists food stains and odors much better than other juicers whose body is plastic. Very often a Champion juicer review also notes that this is a very lightweight juicer, which makes it a great choice for people who find it difficult lifting heavy objects or people with arthritis.

While most reviewers are happy with this product, some complain that there are a couple of small things that could make it a more complete juicer. First, this particular juicer doesn’t come with a cleaning utensil, whereas most other juicers do. This is important because cleaning leftover pulp out of a juicer is somewhat of a meticulous job.

The Champion juicer doesn’t come with a juice collection jug. Most people don’t find this too problematic, as the juice that’s made is often juiced directly into the glass that they’re going to be drinking it from anyway. The only other concern about not having a collection jug is the fact that when the juice comes out of the machine, it’s not in a thin stream, which means that some narrower glasses may not catch all the juice that comes out.

All in all, this juicer is typically recommended by all of those who’ve reviewed it. The warranties of this juicer are some of the best in the industry and the quality of the juice produced is quite good. The Champion juicer company has been in business since 1955, making it one the oldest and most trusted juicer manufacturers in the world.