What Can Nations Do To Combat Global Warming

There are things individuals can do to help stop global warming. Yet, when nations get involved, it is to everyone’s benefit to see to it that the right steps are taken. Nations can combat global warming by many different means.

For one thing, a good forestry department can have a huge impact. The carbon dioxide that is one cause of global warming is eaten up by trees. If a country fosters the growth of its forests and does not allow them to be cut down indiscriminately, global warming will be slowed down.

Another thing nations can do is to focus on energy efficiency. The less energy is used, the less global warming has a chance to take hold. A country can place efficiency standards on appliances and cars. Even better, they can redesign cities so that walking and cycling can become an option instead of people having to drive everywhere.

Alternative sources of energy emit little or no greenhouse gases. Using them will help curb global warming. Hydro-power, solar energy, and windmills can be used to take the place of burning gas, or coal for electricity. Windmills, in fact, are already being set up by the scores in many fields in out-of-the-way places. This is a good step to prevent global warming.

Nations can also be quick to adjust their policies to the climatic changes of the times. When one type of crop will no longer grow well because it needs a cooler climate, that crop can be replaced in that area with a different kind that will. Nations can build aqueducts to transport water to drought-ridden areas.

There are different ways that nations can get their message about global warming across. First, they can make laws about it. They can require people to use environmentally-friendly appliances, fuel sources, and vehicles. They can make it a legal requirement for auto makers to reduce harmful emissions given off by their cars.

Another way to change people’s behavior is to make it financially advantageous to be concerned about global warming. If gas prices are higher, people are spurred on to finding a more fuel-efficient vehicle, or even a different fuel source altogether.

Tax incentives and government subsidies can also encourage people to think about global warming. The only problem is that this approach usually favors those who have more money in the first place.

Governments can make it their business to inform and educate the people of the country. With news and data about global warming, people will be prompted to take it seriously. When methods for reducing greenhouse gases are made known by the government, people have a chance to put those methods into practice.

Finally, it is essential that governments get involved with making sure that research and development are done. Global warming cannot be overcome without good information. It is to the advantage of every citizen when the nation puts some of its focus on global warming. When a country approaches global warming with a common sense, proactive sensibility, beneficial changes can be made.

Source: https://positivearticles.com