What Can I Do With Cowlicks

They’re just Mother Nature’s way of showing us that we’re not perfect. But for those who have cowlicks in the bang area, this little reminder can be a real pain in the neck. Handling them to achieve a desired style is more than possible, but some tricks of the trade need to be employed.

The first step in overcoming cowlicks is to acknowledge the problem and understand what’s happening to create the mussed look. A cowlick is simply a part of the hair that grows in a different directional pattern than the rest. The Dennis the Menace look is a great example here.

When a cowlick presents in the bang area on a woman, or even a man, dealing with it can be tricky. Not dealing with it will result in hairstyles that don’t look completely finished, so compensation tricks should be learned.

In general, the best way to beat back a bad cowlick is to attack it while the hair is wet. Follow these steps to achieve the desired look:

* Start out with clean, conditioned hair. This means washing and conditioning properly for hair type and style. Use the right products for hair type not only to help you battle the cowlicks, but also to maintain hairs’ overall health.
* When the hair is still wet, pull out the blow dryer. If you’re hair is dry in type, use the dryer on the cool setting and remember to condition before starting.
* Take the dryer and a vent brush or a rounded one and brush the cowlick in the direction you need it to go. The use of mousse, gel or other styling products can help in this endeavor, too.
* If battling back the cowlick on a daily basis is getting you down, consult with a stylist about a look that might incorporate that wild hair effectively. Some styles can work well with cowlicks and make the imperfection become perfection.

Getting the hair to do what we want it to is almost never easy. In some people, it seems as if each strand has a mind of its own. Beating back cowlicks, however, is more than possible if some tricks of the trade and patience are employed. When all else fails, embrace that cowlick and make it work in your styling. There’s no reason why a person with a cowlick, even one in a conspicuous spot like the bangs, can’t find or create a great style.

Source: https://positivearticles.com