What are the Possible Causes of Headache?

Tired of this pain in your head? Read the following article to discover what causes headache.

Everyone at on point or another has suffered from a headache, after it is probably one of the most common illnesses. But what exactly are the causes of headache? There are multiple causes responsible for this condition. For example a simple irritation to the neck can be the start point of a headache or the simple sensation of pain transmitting through your body can release one.


There a many various causes of headaches and there is a wide range of headache types, and this is one of the most common reason why headaches occurs so frequently. Probably the most common cause of headache today is stress. Stress often generate a feeling of “fight or flight” and is accompanied by other symptoms such as:

– Shallow breathing
– Raised heart rate
– High blood pressure

In some cases even adrenaline can be the cause of headaches.


Another important cause of headache is your nutrition. Many people are unaware of that but your diet as well as your sensitivity to food is one major cause of headache, especially migraines. Headaches are related to nutrition in cases like:

– Variation of blood sugar levels
– Withdrawal of caffeine or too much caffeine
– Food additives

Dental Abscess

This is one kind of headache i really hope you never have. Dental abscess can trigger major headaches, especially if you suffer from an infection. Not only will you suffer from a severe headache but you will have to endure the pain associated to the infection. In this particular case you will need to consult your dentist for the proper treatment.


Hormones are another factor that can cause headaches. Hormones are what allow an individual to fell pain. In this case sexual hormones can be associated with headaches especially for women. Whether it is before or after their menstrual period if the hormones level are to low, women may have some severe migraines.


People with impaired vision are probably very familiar with this condition as it is a very common cause of headache. The headache can be targeted when they strain their eyes muscle to try to focus or when they try to squint. Another condition related to the eyes is Glaucoma which is an eye disease that can cause headaches.

Other causes of headaches can be due to a disorder in the following area:

– The ear
– The nose
– The throat

The following are some of the most common causes of headache:

– sinus headache
– labyrinthitis
– infections
– traumas

Some research point to the fact that even damage to a person’s nerves can be a cause of headaches.

In conclusion I’d like to say thank you to you for reading this article about “what causes headache” I truly hope the information was helpful to you and good luck with any issues related to your condition.