What Are the Most Important Forklifts Accessories?

Forklifts are versatile pieces of machinery. They are used in many warehouses, construction sites and factories. To move heavy pallets of goods from one place to another they are used. Because of added forklift accessories and attachments that can be used, depending on the need of the business, forklifts are especially versatile. It is important to use the correct forklift accessories for their intended purposes. Otherwise it may cost a heavy amount.

Adding extensions to forklift add extra length to the forklifts forks. While moving, the forks hold the pallets. For larger and bulkier loads, sometimes extra length is needed. The forklift operator drives into these forklift extensions. The forklift extensions are available in five or six feet length. They are made from a heavy gauge steel. This enables them to handle heavier loads better.

Similar to the forklift extensions, there are other slides on forklift accessories. Two more common ones of the extensions are Poly load protectors and rounded top fork cover. The poly load protector is used when a more delicate touch is needed but it does not add length. The rounded top fork covers are used to carry rolls of goods and the forks could easily damage.

A man basket is another great forklift accessory. It’s another slip on accessory. It is used for hoisting workers aloft. The man basket is usually made of steel. It has railings to keep the worker from falling and brackets for attaching a safety harness. To attach the man basket to the forklift, it also has a belt or chain. The use of a man basket and its accessories should meet OSHA’s standards. Using a man basket instead of a ladder or scaffolding as it is often thought of to be safer.

With the right forklift accessories, you can also turn a forklift into a cleaning machine. For instance, a broom attachment usually covers an area of four feet can quickly sweep a warehouse floor. The floor has been swept clean at the end of the day with a quick zip in forklift.

By attaching a jib boom, a forklift can easily become a crane. This forklift accessory can perform the same tasks as a jib boom crane. But it cost less.

To swing object over obstructions to place heavy loads onto elevated areas the jib boom is used. You can use the jib boom to reach through windows and doorways. In this way you can pick up loads on higher floors of a construction site. For loading and unloading trucks it also comes in handy.

Another great forklift accessory is magnetic lifters. To quickly and easily move steel they attach to the forklift forks. They can move up to 4,000 lbs of flat steel. They can also move hundreds of lbs of rounded steel.

These are just a few of the many forklift accessories. There are more than likely several different forklift accessories that can meet that need depending on the needs of a company. Some are more common than others. Some are very specific and specialized for certain tasks. The forklift will continue to be the most versatile and indispensable piece of machinery at any job site with so many forklift accessories.