What Are the Mistakes to Avoid in a Logo Design?

A log may seem very simple to look at but designing a log is a daunting task and requires the patience and skill of an experienced designer. The function of a logo is representing companies brand(s) or identity and it is designed specifically for customer recognition. So it is very important to avoid mistakes while designing a logo.

If my memory doesn’t con with me, I remember few years back, an energy drink called Cocaine is launched by a Las Vegas company. But after its launch, the FDA pulled the drink from the market because its logo. The logo font resembled a white powder which conveyed its marketing language was rife with drug references.

So, what would one expect when it comes to logo designing? You may think that have designed the best logo but it ends up in a complete failure after hitting the market. There are various reasons why a logo becomes a symbol of failure, including,

Don’t Hire an Amateur

Never hire an armature for designing a logo by placing an order on the internet to get a logo designed through a competition or don’t try to become a logo designer and scribbles a bit to create a logo, adds some text and ends up with a logo. You could do so just to save the expense of hiring a proper designer which will result in an ineffective logo.

Don’t Follow an Established Trend or Copy One

Following a trend may never work for your business. Following the swooshlogo’s will not do the magic. Creativity is the thing that will do the magic. Create a unique logo design that might work better.

Copying a logo will make the client feel that the company or business has no sense of innovation and creativity which will put a bad impression on the business.

Careful about Logo Pixilation

Don’t follow a raster graphics as it could make the logo look like a smudgy one. Design your logo through mathematics or through vector based graphics. These types of graphics will make sure that the multiple sizes, visual consistency remains the same.

Don’t Be Complex

Never put your customers/clients in confusion with your logo design. Logo is always an encoding of the company’s message. If the customers/clients couldn’t decode the message from the logo, then this is the point where you will lose your client for good. It should be easy to understand and should click the clients right away.

Avoid Poor Color Combination

Color combination plays the major part of a logo design. Gray, silver, white, blue, green and black are the most suitable colors for a logo. It can have a combination of different colors. A well designed logo may not get the appeal due to wrong color scheme.

Avoid Wrong Font & Too Many Font Style

Consider the domain of the business while choosing the font style. Keep in mind, a funky type font style won’t for a tax relief based company rather it needs a typographic logo. Think according to the business while designing the logo. In the same way, putting too many fonts in a logo will confuse your clients. They would be lost in the fonts instead of getting hands on what the company is really trying to say. It can make confusion and that will head towards a brand failure.