What Are The Best Thermal Night Vision Goggles?

There are various different kinds of night vision goggles a person can use which have been specifically designed for use on land. In fact a number of the more well known night vision goggle manufacturers have produced ones for thermal use. Below I will take a closer look at some of the thermal night vision goggles that are now available to purchase.


TAG-7 offer the wearer one of the best performing thermal systems available today and are not that expensive to purchase. All a person needs is 2 AA batteries and comes with a head strap so that the wearer can use their hands on other tasks whilst using them. Although they only use AA batteries, these thermal night vision goggles still provide the wearer with a good clear image of their surroundings which have not been exposed to either light or shade. The great thing about these goggles is that they are small and lightweight and this makes them very comfortable for the user to wear.

ATN Otis-G7

These are another version of thermal NVG’s. The great thing about this particular pair is that they can either be attached to a helmet or the person can carry them in their hand. With this particular version you are actually offered the chance to connect to a video.

Because of their design the image you see through the goggles will be clear or unaffected by anything else around it. These particular goggles work by constantly detecting changes in heat from a body as well as the temperatures around the wearer. The thermal imaging used within these goggles ensure that the images are of the highest quality possible. Today these particular thermal night vision goggles are being used by members of law enforcement units along with units that deal with public safety such as firefighters.

The technology that is used in thermal night vision goggles works by capturing the upper part of the infra red light spectrum. This light is emitted through the heat of an object and rather than relying on the reflected light as other kinds of night vision goggles do. The hotter the object then the more of this light the object will emit. So when you use these you will see that a human body will emit more infra red light than say a tree or a building will.