What Are The Benefits Of Sunrooms

Benefits Of Sunrooms Are Many
No matter the end design, making the decision to add on to a home is a big one. There are construction considerations, expenses and even some inconvenience during the entire construction process to contend with. Add to that the headaches that go along with a brief time of a life being in a state of flux and it’s surprising major home renovations ever get done. But, when it comes to sunrooms, the work involved is well worth the effort.

The benefits of a sunroom, year-round or otherwise, are many. Full glass, year-round sunrooms, for example, not only provide extra space, they offer a true getaway in any home. By offering lots of options for homeowners, these rooms can serve as second living rooms, entertainment areas, home offices and more or they can simply serve as elegant porches.

What’s even better is the fact sunrooms come with a whole other host of benefits, including:

* Investment. A sunroom can increase the value of a home. In fact, it’s estimated the resale value of a sunroom falls in between 89 and 115 percent of its original cost.
* Resale appeal. Sunrooms are serious perks during the sales process, too. People gravitate toward homes that have them.
* Instant use. The average sunroom gets about four hours of use a day. Families enjoy them for kicking back and having the feeling of being outdoors while remaining safe from the elements. They simply are a great place to relax and enjoy the surroundings without having to get too close to nature.
* Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight helps with mental illness and depression. Sunrooms are perfect for providing a place to do just that.
* Versatility. Depending on what kind of sunroom is built, the uses for one are many. They don’t just have to be just for backyard barbecues. A well-designed sunroom can double as a formal dining area or even serve as a great playroom or more.

Sunrooms aren’t just a luxury, these additions are good financial investments in a home and also for family living. By providing an ideal place to enjoy peaceful surroundings, they can give a family a nice location to getaway at the end of the day or they can even serve as functional rooms for cooking, dining and more.

Considering the versatility, financial benefits and the other perks involved, it’s little wonder homebuyers seek out properties that have sunrooms.