What are the Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has many documented benefits related to high
blood pressure, stress management and serotonin products as
researched by doctors and health practitioners.

Some benefits cited are help in post-operative recovery,
reduced oxygen consumption and less anxiety, chronic pain
management and decreased symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Dr.Dean Ornish has a program used for coronary artery
disease that involved practicing transcendental meditation
for eight months. He writes about a delay in the onset of
St-segment depression. Dr. Ornish is a well known researcher
in the heart disease field.

A daily meditation is a good way to practice to increase
one’s concentration, discipline and inner peace. Having a
regular time each day, even if it’s 10 minutes is important.
A daily meditation is a method where you center yourself and
try to watch your mind rather than pursue each thought that
grips you. This habit trains the mind just as a gentle tug
on a puppy helps train it in a certain direction.

Though we can know a lot of our mental chatter is not worth
aggravating about since it will pass, in the heat of an
argument or a difficult situation we forget that the
disturbance is not permanent. Meditation is a gentle
reminder of this and a way to bring our minds and hearts
back to what is important.

Source: https://positivearticles.com