What are some Tools for Guitars

The array of accessories available to make guitar playing efficient and easy is growing all the time. From tuners to helps in string changing, you’re sure to find a tool that will help you do whatever you need help with.

An inexpensive tool you’ll use for changing strings is a peg winder. This small tool can be used to turn the peg end of the new string more quickly than turning it by hand. These tools can cost as little as a couple of dollars. Some are equipped with a bridge pin puller, too. This accessory will make a pair of pliers unnecessary when changing strings. The tools are small and will fit easily into your guitar case.

If you’ve never tuned your guitar using an electronic tuner, you’re in for a treat. Unless you have very good ears, it’s almost impossible to tune up perfectly. With a tuner, however, the tool does the listening for you. This can be disconcerting for someone who has tuned up by listening for many years, but you really can trust that little needle to point you to the right tuning. Tuners can be purchased for as little as $15 or $20, and are a great investment. There is one caution, though. Some tuners might not be accurate when the batteries are getting weak.

Have you ever wished you could increase your hand strength? Or maybe you’ve wished you could speed up the development of calluses on your fingertips for more comfortable playing. Believe it or not, tools have been invented for these purposes. One allows you to exercise your fingers against heavy springs, strengthening the hand enough to bring barre chords into your reach. It has optional callus builder caps that are designed to toughen your fingertips, too.

If you play very much with other people, or if you like to sing while you play, but have a limited vocal range, you absolutely must have a capo. A capo is a device that can be clamped across the strings, making the entire pitch higher. For instance, if you clamp the capo at the third fret and play in the key of D, you’ll actually be playing in the key of F.

The most popular capos now can be squeezed open and placed on the guitar neck where desired. They are pretty strong, though, and if your guitar neck is a little thicker than normal, you might have a challenge using one of these. Older styles might be easier to use. One type can be slid up and down the neck as desired and doesn’t have to be reclamped. This could be a big help to those with weak hands.

In addition to these tools, you can find a wide array of polishes and polishing cloths that are specifically designed for guitars. You might even like to try a spray lubricant that is designed to help your fingers slide on the strings. Whatever your need, there is probably a guitar player’s tool on the market to help you meet it.

Source: https://positivearticles.com