What Are Some Good Facial Hair Removal Tips?

Unwanted facial hair for women is not considered feminine and can be a direct source of ongoing embarrassment. Making the right hair removal decisions are never easy and continue to present a constant challenge. It is an undeniable fact that all women have facial hair in some amount however it is generally less than men. Noticeable concentrations of facial hair in women can be found mostly on the chin area and on the upper lip. Facial hair in high densities on women are usually hereditary and caused by the excess production of androgen.

Research surveys state approximately 20 million American women remove facial hair at least once a week qualifying it as an ongoing problem (you are not alone). For some women, terminal hair (the thick unwanted stuff) begins to replace your vellus hair (the fine almost invisible hairs) on the face. As women age the light pigmented, practically invisible vellus hairs which generally cover their faces most of their lives turn into the larger, more obtrusive, thick and pigmented terminal hairs (remember the movie “The Fly”). Over time when women compare their facial hair removal results at age 40 with what it was at age 30 – 20, many women note a gradual and subtle increase that they may deem excessive or visibly disturbing.

Ruling out as many possible existing conditions as possible is good standard practice when trying to select the best possible facial hair removal solution. Check to see if you have experienced an abnormal increase in hair growth. In the event you have was it sudden? Did it appear in a short period of time? Have you experienced signs of deepening voice, virilization or cliteromegaly? Many facial hair removal solutions are readily available in the marketplace, all with different degrees on cost, side effects, quality and effectiveness. Sometimes using a combination of different types of treatments works best. All women are different, there is no single type of treatment for facial hair removal that works the same for all women. Many factors are involved depending on where the hair is located, hair type, hair color, hair volume, your age and treatments you are most comfortable with. Some common treatments include:

• Shaving, Plucking, Waxing and Depilatory Creams

Shaving facial hair is not popular with most women and as a common misconception most women believe that it makes the hair grow back faster and thicker. Plucking can be time consuming, slightly painful, can be quite lasting however results are still only temporary as the facial hair will grow back. Plucking is probably the most common and safest method women use to remove facial hair. Facial hair removal wax can be used to remove facial hair with decent success (works best if you have some one to help you). Depilatory Cream is a trusted home remedy for facial hair removal.

• Lasers, Electrolysis or Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

Laser hair removal is the most widely followed method and is more strictly regulated, for individuals with sensitive skin (and sensitive pocket books) this method can be a little physically and metaphorically painful. The basis for laser hair removal is simply the specific targeting of melanin in the hair bulb. In addition the sister of the laser is electrolysis, it is a common method of hair removal however its practice is the least standardized. Of all the different types of facial hair removal options these are the most expensive, time consuming and painful however they may be as close to permanent as you can currently get for removing unwanted facial hair. Please understand that some facial hair removal procedures on the market today are often advertised as permanent, most women only achieve about a 50 percent to 70 percent reduction after several treatments, performed over a 30 – 60 day time fame, this is generally the most realistic outlook.