What are Pros and Cons of the Nursing Home

Putting your loved one in a nursing home is an easy decision to come by. The decision will affect the individual concerned and the entire family members. So, if not properly and adequately taken care of, the decision can have a devastating effect on both the individual concerned and the other family members.

You must sit down and carefully think on the cost and benefits of having your loved one in a nursing home. A careful thought is required because you are talking of someone’s happiness here.


– Having your loved one at home will help you monitor him or her. This is what you may not be assured of in a nursing home. Monitoring your loved one’s eating, drinking and sleeping habit will help you know the type of medical help he or she needs.

– When your loved one is at home with you, you have peace of mind. The fact that putting him or her in a nursing home will help you do other things does not necessarily take off your mind on your loved one. While still at the home you desire to see or hear from him or her.

– The medical need of your loved one is adequately taken care of when at home. This is unlike nursing home where you can’t be too sure that his or her medical needs will be adequately taking care of.

– The love and affection of having your loved one at home cannot be overemphasized. The opportunity of seeing each other daily is what makes the aged appreciate life more. The joy of seeing his or her grandchildren is not easily estimated; this is virtually lost in a nursing home.


While it is good having your loved one at home to a certain degree, it is not advisable under some conditions and prevailing circumstances.

– Incontinence of the Care Recipient: Providing care for an elderly at home is quite tasking and demanding.

– Excessive Heavy Lifting: Taking of aged people at home requires a lot of heavy lifting which may be damaging to the care givers. You have to lift the aged from wheel chair, from their bed etc. This may result in a situation where nursing home placement for an older loved one cannot be avoided.

– Sleep Deprivation of Caregivers: Many atimes, the elderly will need help at night to go to the toilet. This can cause sleep deprivation for the caregiver which is dangerous to his or her health.

– Illness and Disability of Caregivers: The caregiver is at risk of illness as a result of having to take care of the aged. Taking care of the aged can some times be frustrating.

A lot has been heard in the print and electronic media about the usefulness and disadvantages of nursing homes. You have to sit down and weigh the pros and cons of placing your aged loved one in the nursing home. But there is need to shop for a good nursing home by yourself before deciding. Shop around first and see whether you can get a good and reliable nursing him around you. If there is none, then you might consider having your loved one stay at home with you.

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