What are Health Risks from Stress

What are some of the health risks associated with stress

One of the most popular ailments in the world is hypertension and it also has the distinction of being a by-product of stress. That is where the similarity with stress ends (if indeed any one exists) because hypertension is an illness, while stress isn’t an illness.

But what is hypertension? Several experts describe this condition in various ways, but the general consensus seems to be that it is a silent killer. It is an illness associated with blood pressure, and your blood pressure can increase without you noticing any external symptoms. Years can pass and the person continues to live with high blood pressure, his vessel walls, his heart and various other organs in his body may be severely damaged… without him ever knowing about it.

So you see… you could be slowly killing yourself daily without knowing it- just because you allow yourself to be too stressed up.

Our little knowledge of hypertension tells us that it is caused by the elevation of blood pressure. But the causes of high pressure itself are a bit of a mystery. For about 95% of patients who had hypertension treatment, the causes are unknown.

Don’t worry, we haven’t hit a cul-de-sac. Medical experts say stress and perhaps diet are suspected as the prime contributors to hypertension. For all its hype and all about development and civilization, a much higher incidence of hypertension exists in Western society than in other countries.

Studies which were done in Africa examined Africans’ blood pressure before and after entering a big city and adapting to western life styles. The results shows that blood pressure usually rise after the movement to the city.

Again, rural Africans rarely suffer from hypertension. This arouses the interest of researchers, because in the United States, African –Americans suffer from hypertension more than white Americans.

The inferences drawn from researchers are that culture, diet and stress all seem to contribute to hypertension.

The above is of little or no help, because recognizable physical symptoms of hypertension are almost non-existent. Though some patients complain of dizziness, headache or blurred vision, most only discovered they need hypertension treatment when their blood pressure level is taken.

Stroke is a major health risk associated with stress and one survey revealed that men who had a more intense response to stressful situations were more likely to have stroke than those who did not report such disease.

In fact, it is a truth that there is a higher risk for stroke in adult Caucasian men and elevated blood pressure during time of stress.

Gastro intestinal problems as effects of stress that is not surprising because the brain and the intestines are strongly related and mediated by many of the hormones and nervous system. Prolong stress can disrupt the digestive system; initiating production of digestive acids in the stomach curries a painful burning.

All these show that stress is not something to be toyed with. If not put at bay it can lead to hypertension… and hypertension can lead to stroke. And of course… stroke can be very devastating… to say the least. So, do everything within your power to reduce the kind of stress you allow into your life.

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