What are Flat Bed Trolleys

Flat bed Trolleys are some of the most common form of transport in warehousing and distribution environments, for moving bulk loads. The flat bed trolleys host a very simple design that offers a basic flat platform with four castors and a fixed handle which is used to either push or pull the platform with the load on the platform.

The casters of the flat bed trolleys can be made from a variety of materials, including hard plastic, pneumatic rubber, or even steel. The casters are usually mounted at the four corners of flatbed trolleys, though in some cases – casters can be mounted at the center of the platform. This addition of center casters is to provide further stability and control with steering. Sometimes the casters are fixed in a set position, though many flat bed trolleys models feature one or more sets of rotating casters, which allow for easier steering. Trolleys that feature wheels mounted on an axle are rarer, though these trailers are useful for certain applications, especially hauling heavier goods in tight spaces.

The materials used to make the flat bed trolleys vary depending on the job at hand. The frame is usually of steel construction, however the main platform can be wood, plastic, steel, or even mesh. The one stipulation for flat bed trolleys is that the bed is flat as there are many formulations of flat bed trolleys with modifications to the platform that warrant them a different tool.

The bed of flat bed trolleys are usually made of some heavy-duty material such as steel, though wood planks can also be used. If heavier, bulkier items are being transported regularly; steel is the choice because of its known strength and durability. Wood can be used on the flatbed trolleys if the items of transport are not heavy enough to crack or damage the wood. Steel mesh can also be used, and rarely, composite materials or plastic. Regardless of the material used for the bed, the frame is usually made of steel or another heavy metal for stability and ruggedness.

There are many similar devices that share the major components that the flat bed trolleys boast but with subtle differences. Listed below are some of the varying formats you can find the flat bed trolleys in:

Computer controlled trolleys fully automated systems for transport during storage and access.

Electric flat bed trailer trolley

Piano dolly is primarily for the movement of pianos, it houses small multi-swivel castors and a stronger than usual frame due to the loads required.

Dolly this is an actual flat bed trolley but without the handle.

3-Shelf Table Trolley this trolley boasts three separate platforms atop of 4 casters.
Folding Handle Platform Trolley this trolley has a handle those folds down to the platform to make for easy storage.

The flat bed trolleys are a very useful staple in any business. No matter what field you may be in, there is always a need for this utilitarian tool.