What Are Dream Really Made Of?

Have you ever considered what the heck dreams are really made of?

Many people believe dreams are simply a bunch of garbled thoughts strung together that don’t mean anything in particular. If you taking the time to read this article, then chances are you probably believe that dreams are much more important than that…and they certainly are!

Your dreams are a true reflection of yourself at that particular point in your life. They encompass all of your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs, and all of your desires. Think of your dreams as snapshots of what you are in the process of attracting or creating in your life at that time.

That last sentence is what dreams are really all about. They are signposts literally telling you the nature of things to come.

This isn’t about prophetic dreams here, but the general direction your thoughts and emotions are taking you in. So in that light, giving your dreams some attention is to your great advantage!

Here’s how it works –

Suppose that most of your waking thoughts are of worry, fear, frustration or beating yourself up over something you said or did, and so on. This is negative emotion that will naturally be reflected in your dreams.

However, your subconscious (or you higher self, or whatever you want to call it) is a lot smarter than your conscious self and will offer you nuggets of wisdom to make you more aware of the bigger picture. Awareness breeds the changes necessary to turn those negative thoughts and emotions around.

If you choose to do nothing about your negative state, then guess what…you’ll get more of the same. If you choose to be more aware of your emotion and move toward the positive, then you will create more positive results in your life. That’s the Law of Attraction at work and believe me, your dreams can really help you with this!

The message here is to become more interactive with your subconscious through your dreams and make use of them. You can start by asking yourself a question before you fall asleep at night and expect an answer.

Sweet Dreams!