What are clip on Hair extensions?

Clip on hair extensions are a cheaper alternative to human hair extensions for those women who want to add volume and length to their hair. Clip in hair extensions are made up of kanekalon a man-made synthetic fiber.

Clip in hair extensions are available in a large range of colors like black, brown, red, blue and pink just to mention a few. So if you want to go wild with your hair color you can do it with clip on hair extensions.

Apart from a huge range of colors that are available for clip on hair extensions they also come in different textures. You can get straight, wavy, curly and spiral hair extensions.

The main advantage of clip in hair extensions is choice. The choice to go with a long or short hair, be a blonde or a brunette, have straight hair or curly. You can change your look to suit your clothes or to copy a particular celeb.

Clip on hair extensions can give your hair a wonderful long flowing look full of volume and lift. You can change your texture from curly to wavy to straight and the color of your hair from black or brown or blonde depending on what you desire. Clip in hair extensions are easy to use but they are only a temporary solution.

Clip on hair extensions are a light weight product that do not feel like you have something pressing down on your head. They are easy to attach and not noticeable from your natural hair. With a little practise you should be able to apply the hair extensions in a matter of minutes.

Many women opt for the movie star look. Since most models and female stars routinely use hair extensions for photographs and walking on the red carpet. Believe it or not every movie star or model is not born with luxuriously long curly or straight hair. Hair extensions at one time were detectable but since they are so widely used as a part of a woman’s wardrobe, women demanded better quality and got it.

Hair extensions whether clip on hair extensions made out of synthetic fiber or human hair extensions are well made products that look no different from your natural hair. With so much choice available in today’s market women are free to choose the style, color, volume, length and thickness of their hair anytime they want.