What A Difference A New Door Can Make

Generally buying new is deemed as a safer bet, particularly if its items connected with the house. Your home is the place you can escape to from the harsh world outside, so keeping it nice and clean and up to date makes sense. If you’ve been thinking about renovation but haven’t had an opportunity to start the project yet then why not focus on your doors first? New doors make a huge difference to the overall look and feel of a house and are the first and last things seen upon entering and leaving. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Start with your gate.

Maybe your gate is scarier than it is inviting! Most people are used to their surroundings and don’t really see what is right under their nose, your gate is actually an important feature of the home as it’s the very first thing that is presented to visitors, so if it is inviting or scary it can make a big difference.

So make sure that its appearance jives well with the rest of your house. Consider your gate as the reflection or the preview of what the rest of the house looks like, for instance, a country style home will most likely be represented well by white picket fences whilst a minimalist house will be enhanced by a wooden gate that has a light finish and low height.

Just don’t forget the safety feature of it. If the design facet of replacing a gate requires some compromise on you and your family’s safety, then maybe you should forget about getting that beautiful gate altogether and opt for something more practical.

Move on to the main entrance.

The same safety rule applies to your doors. Whether you have exterior French doors or made of oak, they should first and foremost protect your house from burglars and other outside dangers. Just because your gate is secure and protects from unwanted guests shouldn’t mean that you should neglect the security feature of your exterior doors.

The great thing about doors is that their appearance can often hide the fact that they are also durable and hard-wearing; as long as you have the appropriate locks fitted on the inside then the appearance won’t matter. You may have the most fragile-looking door in the lightest shade of pink and still maintain a secure and sturdy protection against thieves and other harmful elements outside.

On that note, you now can go ahead and choose whatever design you think would fit your house style. Why not splurge on your house’s main door? After all, it is what people first see when they get to your house, there are lots of readymade doors available from big do-it-yourself places, or if nothing suits your fancy you can always have something designed and made to the exact specifications you have in mind.

Complete the look with interior doors.

Interior doors give you all the freedom in decorating, they don’t need to be overly secure (just a lock will do), and they can come in different designs. The front of your interior doors should of course adhere to the design of the living room, or whatever space it opens up to, however, the other side of it (which can be the bedroom, the bathroom or even the kitchen), can be anything that you want. For a girl’s room, for instance, it can be pink on that side and varnished or painted in another colour for the other side.

Play around with your creative ideas to get the best brand new doors for your house. Just make sure that aside from looking beautiful and adding aesthetic value, your doors also protect you and your family. Check out the online stores for gate furniture and more.