Weighted Workout Gloves For An Increased Intensity Workout

Weighted Workout Gloves For An Increased Intensity Workout

Exercise routines are normally made more challenging and intense by adding resistance. For cardio routines such as dance aerobics and kickboxing, you will normally get a better workout by holding small dumbbells in each hand. This could be a bit bulky, though. A good alternative is to use weighted workout gloves.

Weighted workout gloves are gloves that go over the hand and are strapped around the wrist. Small weights are distributed evenly in the gloves. A pair of gloves may have as little as 1 lb worth of weights to as much as 6 lbs.

The Intensity They Bring

You will find the weighted workout gloves useful if you want to amp up your cardio routines. You can strap them on when you go jogging, walking or running. The moves in non-contact shadow boxing and kickboxing will become more intense with these additional weights on your hands. They are also great when worn during dance aerobics and step aerobics, as well as for cross training.

Aside from cardio routines, the gloves can also be used for toning exercises, especially for beginners. Aside from the extra resistance, having the weights distributed evenly and actually wearing them allow you to keep your balance more easily while working out.

Getting Your First Pair

When shopping around for a pair of weighted gloves, the first thing to check will be the kind of fabric used. Go for a more lightweight fabric so that your skin can breathe. Make sure that the fabric is easily washable. Remember, you will be wearing them close to your skin and you will most probably need to wash them after each use. You will also want to check whether the fabric is something that is suited to your particular skin type.

Next, check the weights. Some gloves will have the weights sewn in, while others will allow you to remove the weights. Removable weights will give you the option to increase or decrease the weights depending on how intense you want your workout to be, so it might be more practical to get gloves that allow you to do that.

Check the seams that hold the gloves together. They should be tight, signifying strong construction. The last thing you will want is to have a pair of weighted gloves that go apart during a workout.

If you want that extra power for your workout without having to carry cumbersome weights, check weighted workout gloves and see how it can be great for your program.

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