Weight Management Through Spa Therapies

There has been much importance placed upon the fitness quotient of a person in modern times. With individuals leading sedentary and stressed lives, our fit-as-a-fiddle forefathers have given way to obese descendants, who could not care less for their couch potato image. Body weight has been on an exponential rise inflicting adults and kids alike.

Weight reduction on everybody’s mind
Earlier considered to be the Americans’ forte, obesity has now afflicted a tremendous number of people – continents and countries no bar. Surveys reveal shocking figures of people fighting obesity to gain more control on their lives. But, the icing on the cake is that, people have become aware of their bodies and plan to take action to have more control on it. This has seen the weights tilting towards fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Suddenly every Tom, Dick and Harry is concerned about weight management. Little wonder then, that weight reduction has gained the top most priority in hoi polloi’s to-do lists worldwide. Generic populace is frenziedly trying out any method that remotely promises to speed up weight loss. Myriad diets, astonishing exercise routines and the like have all become a part of our daily parlance. Moreover, people are now willing to experiment in order to lose weight and are jumping at any alternative, even if it is not tried and tested.

Weight management and spas
Spas have been known to people as healing centers where alternative therapies cure myriad ailments. Taking a holistic approach, spas can cure in a gentle way, targeting the root cause of the ailment, instead of merely suppressing the symptoms. Though weight reduction through spa treatments seemed to be far fetched a few years ago, people have now started realizing their importance off late. And who can deny a treatment that along with targeting the extra flab, also equally relaxes and comforts you. With spa therapies converging the best of therapies from all ancient cultures, there is no dearth of therapies that target obesity. But here, we will discuss in detail the effect of two therapies on body weight – body wrap therapy and acupuncture therapy. These are known to have both a physical and holistic effect on the patient.

Body wrap
We are what we eat. And now-a-days, with the advent of junk foods, we are unconsciously torturing our systems no end. Excess consumption of alcohol, caffeine, sugar or salt infests the body with toxins that accumulate over a period. These are harmful in that they are the root of acne, skin disorders, and fat depositions under the tissue. A body wrap detoxifies the body of these deadly toxins, within a few sittings, to accelerate metabolism and lose weight real fast. The therapy comprises of wrapping the body in bandages that are soaked in essential oils or solutions.

It starts with the therapist measuring various parts of your body, after which, the body is tightly wrapped in bandages to squeeze it to the maximum possible extent. These cloth bandages are soaked in essential oils or solutions. Light exercises of the bandaged body are then performed, which speeds up the release of toxins form the body. The therapist encourages you to drink large amounts of water before, during, and after exercising, since it is believed that water rids the body of unwanted toxins. After the procedure is over, the therapist will again measure body parts to check the amount of inches lost during the procedure. Repeatedly subjecting the body to this therapy will help you lose weight. Many claim to have lost more than 6 inches within a single session of body wrap. While many day spas offer this procedure with costs ranging between $110 and $150, there are also home versions available at a cheaper rate. Also, most spas offer discounts if you choose a multiple wrap offer. Maximum benefit can be extracted from a body wrap in one or two sessions per week, though it can also be performed twice in a single day.

Acupuncture, a five thousand year old healing therapy developed in China has lately become the toast of the spa industry, particularly after its benefits in weight management and weight control were discovered. The west had not even heard of acupuncture, leave alone acupuncture weight loss, till recently. And when it did, it looked askance at acupuncture, a procedure wherein the skin of the patient is punctured using extremely thin needles. The west did not understand this eastern concept of healing, and was initially also a bit apprehensive to embrace this treatment. But, now that it has brought home this concept, there is no looking back, and weight loss through acupuncture is fast gaining acceptance. The treatment focuses on activating endorphins, the happiness hormones of the body. These endorphins curtail your desire to overeat, by getting released in the body. Thus the therapy targets the cravings instead of directly targeting weight.

The therapy essentially starts with the pressure points, the most important one situated just behind the ear. Though our body consists of about a thousand pressure points all to cure various ailments, the weight loss point lies behind the ears. The therapist first inserts five needles at specific points behind your ears. Four of these points are directly connected to the lungs, liver, kidneys and the nervous system, while the fifth one is for relaxation. The stimulation of specific organs releases endorphins to begin the weight loss process, which in turn, target the binges that are experienced by a compulsive eater. The procedure either decreases or completely does away with the craving for carbohydrates, thus decreasing your appetite. Acupuncture improves the function of two nuroendocrine pathways that regulate metabolism, to aid weight reduction. It mainly performs the functions of lowering weight, insulin levels, body fat, and lipid levels. Hence it is effective not only in losing body fat, but also keeping it off.

With the whole world going gaga over these alternative procedures to successfully control body fat, there sure is no harm in trying it out for the first time.