Weight Loss – What Price Is Weight Loss?

Okay, let me ask you this, how what are you willing to pay in order to completely shed the weight? Or better still, how much have you spent THIS YEAR alone in the process of completing this strenuous journey of losing weight?

To be clear on things, the above questions are not directed towards the weight loss programs we’ve purchased, tried or embarked on, because if that’s what I’m talking about, most of us would be very amazed and perhaps embarrassed to know the ACTUAL amount we’ve spent thus far fighting this war on OBESITY.

Here, I’m solely concentrating and referring to the emotional damages caused regarding Gym Memberships. Come every December, whilst still in the buoyant festive moods, we all come up with one common New Year resolution – enroll for a Gym Membership, and keep saying to ourselves that this coming year will be the year to finally lose this weight regardless.

We stuffed ourselves with all kinds of food, even sometimes with food we would not normally consume. Convincing ourselves that regardless of how much weight gained during this festive period, we’ll lose it all come the New Year – after enrolling at the Gym. And the sad truth is, we genuinely meant it at the time, because our emotions were right at its highest. We would have moved the Mount Everest with our emotions, if it were muscles.

Come the first of January, guess who the first person to enroll at the Gym is – still full of optimism and very enthused? Whacked out the Credit Card and willing to pay however much it cost to be a member. Yes, you guessed it.

We’ve even gone and acquire Gym suits, trainers, etc, even though we already have one in the house gathering dust in one corner of the house but unable to use them as they do not fit any longer, hence we do what we do best, go out and purchase another.

But the fact is, if you still haven’t identified what we’re doing to ourselves. We’re mentally and psychologically punishing ourselves. I’ll explain, you see, before Christmas, we know we’re overweight, we know we’re risking heart attacks, we know we’re risking stroke, we know we’re physically getting out of shape as most of our favorite clothes don’t fit anymore, and finally, in some cases, we know we’re risking sudden death.

We even accept above all, that we need to lose the weight. That was our lowest time ever. Time we’re so constantly depressed, moody, and very unhappy.

And by January, the mood is completely transformed, changed to one of happiness as we’re now on the right track to attaining good health, nice physique and above all gaining our self esteems again. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having all these feelings and positive hope. But the biggest problem is the roller coaster of emotions we’re in that’s very bad for us.

We would constantly and regularly attend the Gym for the first few weeks all right. We would even notice the weight is gradually coming off, albeit very slowly. Even our people, friends and loved ones are beginning to pay us complements after noticing our new look taking shape.

Then for one reason or another, the weekly exercise at the Gym is now turned to fortnightly. From Fortnightly to Monthly. And finally, we only attend the Gym on occasions, whenever we feel like it – Even though we’re still paying fortunes in Membership in the hope of still attending some day. Some might call the stage, the denial state of mind.

Ultimately, we canceled the Gym Membership, and all this happening in just less than a year from the enrollment date. We subsequently undo all the hard, good work we’ve done, in the sense that all the weight we’ve already lost are now creeping back on us again.

The newly bought Gym suit and trainers now joined the old ones in the corner gathering more dust.

Now, the ultimate price paid here is not your Hard-Earned Dollars but your EMOTIONS. You’ve gone from total sadness, depression, lacking self esteem to ultimate joy, happiness, hope, full of life, and suddenly back to where you started, where you were before – full of sadness, unhappiness, etc in the space of a very short time.

This, if this process is repeated year after year, well I’ll just let you imagine the emotional damaged done to oneself. And you be surprised to know that this is the most common factor majority of us never ever lose weight, as we’ve embarked on the dreadful emotional roller coaster. We just give in or up totally after a while. And that’s when you here people saying “I Just can’t seem to ever lose weight”.

Maybe you’ve even said similar things in the past or currently, but at least now you can do something about it. “BREAK THE CYCLE”

The only way out of this is the plain old gut, tenacity, and above all, persistence and determination. How one can achieve this varies from one person to another. But one thing I know is, the only person that can answer that is you.