Weight Loss: Tips to Help You Stop Overeating

Are you ready to break the habit of over eating? Many people suffer from mindless eating and as an result gain unwanted weight. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you have to find the balance between eating when you are hungry and stopping when you are satisfied. This article will provide you with very specific tips on how to stop over eating.

Tip #1

The first step you should take is to drink more water. Drinking a full glass of water or two before eating each meal will help you stop over eating. You should drink 8-12 glasses of water throughout the day. This step alone can actually lead to weight loss.

Tip #2

Another way to stop over eating is to eat your foods more slowly. Many people gulp food as fast as they can when they are hungry. They are not giving their brain enough time to realize their hunger has been satisfied and as an result, they over eat. It takes your brain several minutes to realize your hunger has been satisfied. Eating more slowly will help you stop overeating.

Tip #3

Many people over eat because they are not paying attention. When you eat do you actually think about what your doing? More often than not your mind of else where. Pay attention to how the food makes your feel. Has my hunger been satisfied? Do I need To eat more? You should only eat at the dinner table. Do not eat while at an computer or watching television or you will find it hard to stay focus.

Tip #4

Many people who try to stop over eating start by fixing smaller portions of meals. If you fix smaller portion meals you should use a smaller plate. In your minds eye, a lesser portion on a larger plate is going to make you feel as though there is not enough food on the plate. A full plate will give the illusion your eating a larger portion meal.

Tip #5

Many people often eat simply because they are bored. If hunger strikes, wait several minutes and find something to occupy your time. If your hunger is still there, you should eat something. If your hunger subsides, it was just because you were bored

Tip #6

As humans we are creatures of habit. You have to become more aware of what you eat and when you eat. Make a daily list of everything you eat and when. By doing this you will be able to identify habit eating patterns. You can eliminate these habits by sheer will. Ask yourself, do I really need to eat this? Am I really hungry? Could I go without eating this?

Tip #7

If you think you are about to break down if you do not eat something, try eating something healthy like an apple instead. Apples have been known to produce negative calories. This simple means your body burns more calories in the act of digesting the apple than the actual calories of the apple. Do not resort to ice creams or junk food. Just eat something healthy that will fill you up.

You should really make an honest effort to stop over eating or it will lead to unwanted weight gain. Most people who often over eat are also over weight. Dieting is hard for them and they usually fail. You need to find a diet program that is not a calorie counting based diet that allows you to eat foods more often .