Weight Loss Tips By Small Changes

If you are sick of dieting failure, it is time to make small changes that work and keep the weight off. Here are some ways to eat healthy and exercise the right way. Adding these ideas to your daily routine can help you gradually make healthy habits so you stay slim for years to come.

First, eating healthy is the biggest factor in your weight loss struggle. It has been said that nutrition is 80% of the battle of weight loss. Even if you exercise, it can be difficult to reach your ideal weight and your dream body if you are eating too much fat or the wrong portion of protein and carbohydrates in your diet.

So how do you determine what is the right amount for your body? I would highly recommend that you visit a dietician or a nutritionist. They are highly trained individuals that can give you the exact portions that you need to reach and stay at your goal weight.

That being said, I can also recommend gradually implementing healthy foods in your diet. First, eat five times a day with three small meals and two snacks. Try to eat as much whole food as possible, including lots of vegetables (which have few calories) and fruit for snacks (I love peanut butter and an apple or celery and hummus). Next, replace white grains with whole wheat and healthy grains. Gradually, you will be able to enjoy the wheat, which is healthier for you (try whole wheat bread and eating sweet potatoes, brown rice, and couscous instead of white rice and white potatoes).

Also, cut out sugars and refined foods. Snack foods and processed foods have a lot of corn syrup and sugar, sodium, fat, and other preservatives that send your body into an unhealthy mode and cause you to gain weight. Cut back on fatty foods like butter, oil, etc. when cooking and eating. Reduce your portions sizes when eating junk food and try to have only one or possibly two days per week that you allow yourself junk food. Finally, drink all the water you can get. It will cleanse your body and skin, as well as helping you to eat healthy portions and not overeat.

Although technically not food, I would also recommend taking a multivitamin and a weight loss pill. Both can provide you with missing nutrients, amino acids, and minerals which will help your body function at top performance. Although a weight loss pill can help suppress your appetite and give you more energy, be cautious when taking these pills because they can be quite strong. Take less than the minimum dose in the morning or immediately before a workout only or you will never sleep at night. Gradually increase your dose as you feel comfortable.

Next you must slowly implement exercise into your routine. Try to begin walking for twenty minutes, three times a week. Gradually work up to running. Or find another cardio activity such as biking, swimming, or running stairs that will get your heart rate up. You can increase your sessions up to an hour as your body adapts. Also, implement weight training into your exercise routine. Split your weight lifting days into chest/triceps, back/biceps, legs, and shoulder/abs with three sets of 10-15 reps per exercise. Buy a fitness magazine and try a sample weight training routine or find one on the internet.

Start slow and build up your strength before using very heavy weights. Meet with a personal trainer to personalize your weight lifting routine and receive more ideas for eating healthy. They can help you push yourself past your pre-conceived limits so your body changes for the better. If you can’t seem to exercise an hour 6 times per week, at least fit in 30 minutes daily or every few days. Even taking a ten minute walk can help you feel healthier.

As you make small changes in your life, your body will start to change. You will lose weight and start to see tone in your arms and legs. You will love the changes so much that you will be motivated to keep the changes in your daily routine. Good luck with your weight loss goals!