Weight Loss – Starting on the Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is a very controversial diet that claims that you can eat rich foods while still losing weight. Not only will you not be hungry while on the diet and while losing weight, but you will also be taking a huge step towards being healthier and happier.

The diet is based on eating a low carb diet and is based on the fact that the majority of those who are overweight do in fact eat too many carbohydrates in their diet. By cutting down on the amount of carb’s that you eat daily and increasing the amount of fat and protein then the body will lose more weight as it burns off the stored body fat much more efficiently.

While the majority of people go on the Atkins diet in order to lose weight, many also go on it to improve their health and to prevent disease.

What the Atkins diet allows you to eat

The Atkins diet is truly different to any diet that has come before it and it is due to this that it has stuck around for longer than most. The big plus with this diet is that it doesn’t leave you feeling frustrated as it allows you to eat foods which are regarded as rich and fulfilling.

The Atkins diet relies on the person eating a diet that relies heavily on proteins and surprisingly fat. The basis of the diet includes red meat, fish, which included any kind of shellfish, chicken, cheeses and you are able to cook with butter if you wish – not bad for a diet.

Carbohydrates however should be mainly cut out of the diet, the diet allows you around 20 grams of carb`s per day. During the first two weeks this is essential and is what gives the diet its boost during the early weeks. During this time you will lose weight if you stick to the régime even though you won’t have to count how many calories you eat and in actual fact you could well be eating more calories than you were before.

Following the first couple of weeks you can then gradually add a few carb`s back into your diet, however you have to be sensible regarding this. The carb`s you should introduce back into your diet are fiber, however foods such as milk, white bread, pasta and potatoes will remain on the no-no list and this is just something you have to live with and adapt too. You can add certain fruit such as berries, some whole grain foods and vegetables after the first couple of weeks but until then you will have to refrain.

What you are intending to do with this diet is to be strict with yourself in the beginning and then when you have lost the required amount of weight you can then gradually add more carb’s back into the diet, providing of course you are sensible and you are able to maintain the weight.

Of course as with all forms of diet, whatever they consist of, exercise plays a very important role in the Atkins diet and is crucial if you wish to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.