Weight Loss – Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet has been said to be around since the 1940’s but no one knows exactly where it came from. Year after year, the Mayo Clinic gets inquiries regarding the Mayo Clinic Diet but, none the less, the diet is not associated with the clinic. The plan offers a new lifestyle approach to maintaining and managing your weight. The diet plan allows you eat an unlimited amount of vegetables and fruits, plus a wide variety of healthy picks from all of the other food groups. It also focuses on eating grapefruit to help speed up the weight loss effects with fat burning.

This diet method states, that there are no foods that are considered off limits but they do advise that if you eat foods that are high in fat, this will help eliminate hunger. They also practice the rule that you should stop eating when you feel satisfied and full. They claim that this is the key element in the success of this plan. Most diets that restrict foods can be effective for a certain amount of time but in the long run you only pack on the pounds again due to feeling deprived and then overeating.
The other main key in this plan is to maintain a good daily physical activity level due to its positive effects on weight management and overall health.

The actual Mayo clinic states that this diet may be dangerous for some people and they continue to state that this diet is in no way associated with them. The diet offers rapid weight loss for individuals, by consuming grapefruit, vegetables, salads and large amounts of meats and fats. It is still very important not to over eat and to stop when you feel full. You also want to try avoiding snacks in between meals on this plan.

Success Rate

While there is no real statistics reported for the success rate of the so-called Mayo Clinic Diet, it has been noted that there is rapid weight loss that is common among dieters that use this method. People on this diet claim they have lost up to 52 pounds in a 2-month period, which is due to an extreme weight loss from a high-protein and high-fat plan.

As with any diet, individual results will vary. This can be a good jump start to your weight loss but you would still need to get a good exercise plan and eating plan down pat in order to keep the weight off.

Before starting any diet program or exercise program, consult the advise of your doctor. Your physician will help you choose an exercise regimen and diet plan that meets your goals and needs. You do not want to loose weight too quickly as this can be very damaging to your body and overall health.

As with any fad diet, you will see the weight come off quickly but if you do not incorporate a healthy style of eating then you will quickly gain back all that was lost and in some cases even more.