Weight Loss – Hoodia Side Effects

Hoodia side effects are reportedly not anywhere near as problematic as with prescription drugs like Phentermine or others.

Although some appetite suppressants that contain stimulants can give you the shakes, make your heat race and keep you up at night, upset your stomach, or give you a headache, or other unpleasant symptoms, studies have shown that pure Hoodia weight loss pills will not give you any of those side effects.

But, there are some precautions you should be aware of as noted below.

As you may already know, hoodia gordonii cactus is the plant with the new wonder ingredient that curbs your appetite and helps you to slim. It is a succulent plant from the Kalahari desert, home of the San People. The San have been using it in raw form for centuries to increase strength and stave off hunger and thirst during their long and arduous hunting trips in the harsh South African wild. These tribes, whose ancestors have been using the plant for thousands of years, confirm that there are no negative side effects when they use it.

Although there are about twenty types of similar plants available, only the Hoodia Gordonii variety contains the appetite suppressant that allows you to lose weight. Studies performed to date show no bad effects among those supplementing their diet with this product. However, there are some rumors of people who have indicated it has a mild aphrodisiac and mood elevation effect.

This amazing plant contains an active ingredient that fools your brain into believing that you have had enough to eat. You normally take your pill 20-30 minutes before your meal. Everyone is different and the weight loss effects may take up to 14 days to work.

Apparently, Pfizer, who developed Viagra, had invested approximately $21 million for the right to develop the active ingredient, P57 which mimics the effects that glucose (ten thousand times as active as glucose) has on the brain…

However, that right was blocked in court fairly recently, due to the fact that they wanted to make it into a drug type product.

In America you cannot patent a natural product so the drug companies needed to turn it into a drug by making an un-natural and un-healthy substance so they can patent the product and likely make billions of dollars.
We are somewhat relieved to report that the Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in Southern Africa (WIMSA) contested and recently won their case against multinational pharmaceutical companies seeking to develop a drug from South African Hoodia.

This mimicking effect of the active ingredient is what fools the brain into believing that it is full and no more food is required. Of course, this could be a problem if you need the energy and power to do some strenuous activities.

The great concern is if it is ill treated by individuals with eating disorders for want of rapid weight loss depriving the body of the necessary nutrients. A suggested warning that comes with this dietary supplement includes – Not to be used in childhood, pregnancy, or by lactating mothers – not to be used by individuals with an eating disorder – or those who are underweight or within a normal weight range.

Ensure that you are getting the real thing, with no harmful additives. One product that has 100% pure South African ingredients from the Kalahari Desert is Hoodia Gordonii Plus.

If you are considering buying this supplement and are concerned about whether it will interact with any other medication you are taking, or for any other reason, you should consult with your physician first.