Weight Loss – Get Rid Of Obesity

Obesity is the result of improper diet and disrupted life-style. Obesity means having too much fat. It’s somewhat different from being overweight as a person often gets confused . Overweight can be due to increase in weight of muscle, bone, fat and/or body water . Obesity occurs over time when one eats more calories than using it. Taking in calories with no or minimum activities leads to obesity which sometimes can be a serious issue in the family. Other causes that have been identified are genetic factors and some generic diseases.

People suffering from thyroid gland disorders are seen to be obese in most cases. The root of the obesity problem lies in our eating habits. Simply put, we eat too much saturated fat and refined sugar, and too little fiber—most of this brought on by spending over half of our food budget on fast food in the form of greasy burgers and fries, gulped down with syrup-laden sodas. Most of us have the habit of taking in fast food and snacks while sitting back or watching television. This adds on to the calories which over the time lead to obesity.

Obesity has become an epidemic in United States. One out of three people is obese and it’s growing day by day. Anti obesity campaigns , books , periodicals and actions from government are in full swing to prevent obesity and help out the obese. Obesity is now recognized as a major risk factor for coronary heart disease, which can lead to heart attack. Obesity is also increasing rapidly throughout the world. Obesity also can lead to stroke, greater risk for certain cancers such as breast or colon cancer, and even death. The general treatment towards obesity is having a low calorie diet and increased physical activity.

Obese people are often advised to workout and go out for long walks and jogging during the early hours of the morning or evening. Physical exercise has no substitute towards the treatment of obesity. Health programs and instruments are effective to some extent but should be cross-checked before going through it. Other systems of treatment towards obesity are Ayurveda and Homeopathy. According to Ayurveda, obesity is recognized as a disease called “Medoroga”. Obesity is considered as a nutritional disorder mainly produced due to sedentary life style.

Ayurveda puts stress on prevention of the disease and adopting a healthy life style. Ayurveda uses natural products in the preparation of medicines and these medicines are generally safer than chemical based medicines and drugs. Homeopathic treatments are also useful in curing this disease but again the person has to be patient and follow a strict routine while under medication. Homeopathic treatment focuses more on the person rather than on the disease.

People suffering from obesity are often found to be depressed and having a sort of anguish in themselves. A person should be kept motivated and focused on the goals in order to implement a particular weight loss program. To add to the motivation exercise , one can send ecards to refresh their obese friends and inspiring them to live on a healthy diet and get rid of this ailment. Sites like 123Greetings.com have ecards to cheer up our obese friends to reduce weight and get a perfect body shape . Treatment towards obesity may be time consuming but can be eradicated if a balanced diet, meditation and workout techniques are followed seriously.